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  • I really like your Le doll collection! You are so very lucky to have all those beautiful dolls. I'm barely starting mine with aurora, I decided that over next summer that I will save up for the Le Snow White.
    Yes I did get her luckily! I am so happy that I got her, my local disney store only had 2 left and I was lucky to get one. I just hate the waiting.
    I knew the name sounded familiar,:wavey: Were you able to get the Le aurora doll, and if you did, would you be reviewing her?
    Hi, don't you have a YouTube channel where you review dolls? I was wondering since the name on YouTube was the same on here. Just wondering:wavey:
    Thanks for understanding. Yes, a very long drive! And gas is so expensive, too. I wish it would go back down under or around $3.00/gallon.

    Maybe we will! :) I did hear that, come to think of it. I have friends that shop at Somerset often, but I've never been there. Well, I was in the parking lot once, if that counts. We drove around and around and couldn't find a parking spot anywhere, so we left. :p I'm definitely going to have to check it out when it opens. Hopefully you will be, and maybe we'll run into each other there! :)
    That's okay! I was like, "Oh, no...what do I do, what do I do?" So I kind of freaked out a bit. :)

    Sorry about that. My mom is really pushing me to keep him at that price. I told her that I thought it was too high, but she keeps insisting. :( Thank you!

    Yep, I sure did! That's awesome! I love finding out that other collectors live nearby (in the same state). :D I didn't even know that the other store closed until today. That's a bummer! It was a little farther away from where I live, but I still liked to venture down there once in a while. :(
    Hey, there! I just wanted to let you know that I got your private message. I tried to reply to it, but it says your inbox is full so it wouldn't go through. I posted the reply in my sale thread for Sven before I discovered that I could leave a visitor message. (I'm still pretty new here and hadn't really explored the communication options yet.)

    Here is the link to the thread:

    Sorry for all of my confusion! I hope you're having a great day! :)

    Hey Alex! :) So I ended up watching your video review on youtube for Mother Gothel! I'd still love to see more pictures, but it was very helpful! :) Let me know your thoughts! I'd love it if we could help each other out! ;)
    Dropping by to say miss you! Andddd to send mahoosive hugssss. And be jealous of your gorge profile pic. Gah perfection. :) <3 Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    That's a bummer. :( That's cool that you got the snowglobe though! It looks so pretty! I hope to get it eventually, but I have yet to find a store that has it. :( Last time I went to my nearest Disney Stores, they weren't playing the soundtrack yet either. My Disney Stores are lame. Lol
    :eek: Oh my gosh that's awesome!!!!

    I would die. :lol:

    Especially if I met Chris Evans... since you know he's my hubby. ;)
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