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  • No. :lol: Jessica Cat Burglar is a pin that I still love, but it doesn't fit in any of my collections so I'm more or less going to get that pin ONLY if an amazing opportunity arises. I know she collects Aurora, so there is no way she'll ever let go of that Maleficent DA Villains spinner so I need to convince her to let go of the Ursula/Ariel one (in my signature). I have a few things she'll like, and I'm in talks for more. That's the last pin I really need from her besides Nouvuea, but I figured it'd be easier to just help you get Nouveau and then just trade it from you in 2015 when you finally start trading your Ariels :lol:
    I will definitely try ^_^ I'm pretty sure I can and I need to talk to Kathy :lol: There is a pin I really, REALLY want from her now...
    Hey Erik,

    I know you're still in flux in 2nd for the Ariel Carousel pin and I know it's ending this Sunday, but for starters why not throw up that new Tangled UK Maximus and Rapunzel pin when you feel like it ;) Just as a start ^_^
    DEAL! Just as you leave my house, if your Ariel lanyard is gone, it totally wasn't me. I'm sure I could take the Gomes and trade a few of the other pins that I don't want like that pretty Ariel Triton framed painting pin for another stained glass set ;)
    lol You're very welcome, I'm not after that Ariel pin and I don't know anyone who wants it as much as you do so if I have anything that could help, let me know ;) I have a few nice pins that I have acquired recently for trading I might put up. I'm sure we can get you this pin (given no ridiculous non-DPF member comes out of nowhere and just bids 5 R/C Rapunzels :lol:).
    You might want to go check the Auction section O_O You'll also be glad you didn't win the other Ariel auction and have gotten rid of some of your better traders BECAUSE I think one of your biggest grails just went up for auction...WE GOIN' ON A CAROUSEL!!!!
    Hey Erik,

    Isabel (imp) just PM'd me that she texted you to meet up (for the Ursula Mirror pin) but she doesn't have her phone so she doesn't know if you responded. You can contact her through DPF though ^_^ I hope you're having a great time!!!
    Unfortunately not! :( I just got back from a trip and I have a lot of schoolwork to make-up. :( hopefully ill see you at the next one!!! :x:
    Sadly I will not BUT be there on the 20th! Me and Kathy should be there, so be there, or be this oddly shaped geometric figure:

    Sadly I won't be (or else I'd pick it up myself). College classes start earlier than that so I cannot be at the event at all unless I would fly down Saturday, leave Sunday, not worth it for the trip imo :( It's sad too since I know SO many DPF members are this your first big WDW pin trading event?
    Sorry for the confusion. So Isabel (imp) is going to be buying the whole Mirror Pin Set, I only want Ursula. So I'd pay her now and then she would give you the pin at the event (you'd have to meet up with her, but I'd assume you're gonna meet practically everyone on DPF who's going ^_^) and then next time I see you, I'd just get the pin up from you since I already paid her for it :)

    Is that easier? I'm not to great at explaining things sometimes >_<
    Hey Erik,

    Quick question. Are you by any chance attending the WDW Villains Pin Trading Event in September? I have someone who is gonna get a pin there for me and I need someone to pick it up for me. I'd pay for the pin beforehand so all the person would have to do is pick up the pin and give it me at the next CJDPT event or something. If not, let me know if you anyone that's going (is Kathy going?)
    Hey Erik,

    Just checking back in to see how your D23 experience went. Any luck on the Designer pins or the D23 Ariel Boxed pin? Let me know, I'm just hoping somebody I know walked out of D23 happy (who isn't a reseller <_<)...
    Hey Erik, what is the next CJDPT event you're going to? Or what are the next few since IDK if I'll be at the next one :)
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