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  • Yeah! :( unfortunately the cheapest I've seen it go for is $100. :sigh:

    and yes! :) he is! And he was so nice! :) he is awesome!

    I will! I'm getting some Anna and Elsa ears next month for my trip :) and I'm so excited for the mine train ride! :) I'm going to be disneyboundimg for sure! :)
    :wavey: hey sis! :)

    ive be been pretty good! I had a ton of fun at Philadelphia comic con! I got to meet Sean Astin ( Sam from lord of the rings) and Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie from the winter soldier! :)

    wow! You're super busy!!! I hope you have fun in between all that running around! ;)

    im im going to disney :x: in august so I'm super excited about that!!

    And italy!!! That's amazing! I've always wanted to go!

    and yes, all these frozen pins :cry:

    Now there's an olaf PTD too! I probably won't be able to get any of them :sigh:
    haha thank you! :) I'll be turning 18 ( like Rapuznel! ) on thursday. :anxious:

    Hopefully the olaf pin comes today! :D
    I did! And there's another one up today! On shirt punch. A snowflake with the characters in it! I'm so excited. I have 2 shirts a poster and baby Sven and the opening day Olaf pin ( thanks to you) coming! Just in time for my b-day next week! ;)
    Thank you! :D

    I have taken two classes, one last fall, and one this winter. I really wish I had a professional camera of my own, but my Dad said he wouldn't get one for me if I'm just going to take pictures of dolls. meh. :/

    I love taking pictures in general though not just of my collection. Maybe I'll get one when I graduate? :dunno:
    :) I love Olaf! :D I hope they do! After the frozenpocolypse on tuesday, I'm not sure what is left. :lol:

    Hopefully I can go tomorrow.

    Thank you! :) I alternate between using my iphone ( like for the picture of Elsa, Anna, and Baby sven), and my Dad's canon rebel Ti. :)
    :) I know! I need a baby sven and an olaf plush! :lol: Hopefully my local store will have one of them.

    Thank you! I love my girls! :D

    ☺️ by Lost Princess of Atlantica, on Flickr

    Sven was chatting with Anna and Elsa about how excited he is to live with you! :p :)
    I have been to Walt disney world! :) my favorite place on earth lol. The last time I was there was 2008. :)

    :) we're having a trade until you fade event in jersey in May. I think it's the beginning of May. I'll have to check the site though. :)
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