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Jun 4, 2018
    1. MMiano
      I gave you my home address for Game B. Well....

      For those of you that have my address and are going to be sending me pins and other things please don't send it to my address from here on out. My parents don't like that I'm getting packages sent to my address (safety concerns). Anyways my dad has instructed me that I need to get a PO. Box if I want to continue this hobby of mine. So please wait in sending anything!!! I will get a P.O. Box in the next week or so hopefully and then will resend my new address to the mods to participate in the zaps again and won't be able to participate in any auctions or games until that point. So if you have sent me something and it is on it's way please PLEASE let me know so that my parents do not become angry. My dad is quite upset.

      If you can wait to send my pin or tell the person who is sending out pins to wait and I'll once I get a PO Box I'll resend my new address that would be great.
      Thanks for understanding.

    2. Goofy_Moe
      Poker was fun... took all the money and a bunch of pins...LoL... Garret played strong for you and we ended up heads up for it all...
    3. Pin Pal
      Pin Pal
      Hey Moe! You're lucky I had to leave, I was just about to stage a comeback ;) How did you do?
    4. imp
      I've cleared some space in my inbox.
    5. kupo1121
      So sorry I just got on now, school lasted long today but I'm on now and I'm getting up to date as we speak. Will be fully updated within a few minutes ^_^
    6. 5titch
      ​Your inbox is full :(
    7. Goofy_Moe
      Just got home and clearing space now... sorry bout that...
    8. allottalaughs
      Box full! trying to send you a PM regarding the pin game
    9. Merida90
      Hi Moe!! Your box is full :(
    10. lucan444
      pm me an addy to email pic to plz!!!
    11. lucan444
      you sir, I assume you are the type to add jet fuel to camp fire in order to create a ball of flame visible from space?

      I thought so, me too, but I digress......

      Princesses...... not enuff U's in Huuuuurrruuuuummmmpphh for that comment!!!!:shock:
    12. disneygirl333
      Please let me know that you have received my PM! :(
    13. AmySchweppe
      Mr. Goon. I miss you and Mrs. Goon!!!

      -Princess Goon
    14. disneygirl333
      Can you please tell me when payment is due for your game? Thank you. :)
    15. disneygirl333
      Hello! :) I just made some room in my inbox! :)
    16. Psycho Pixie
      Psycho Pixie
      Moe... need ta update her football numbers that are reserved. :) Zap #1 of the 4 I need to send went out today. Veteran.
    17. MMiano
      It said you tried sending me an inbox message but that it didn't go through. I cleared my inbox so it should work now. :)
    18. 5titch
      Darn you Moe for selling pins I always want when I have no money I can spend. X)
    19. torianne-2008
      Mo I tried to message you. your box is full I am a You have captured a Outsider Rank #8 I do not know when I pick? Please help
    20. SoraPandora
      Kudos to you for thinking up all these games. You are so creative! :bigthumb:
    21. kupo1121
      Your inbox is full hence why I'm posting it here :)

      It's okay lol Don't feel bad, I'm sure the pin went to someone who truly loves it. I noticed you mentioned that your Pinpics is out of date? Do you happen to have any really nice Stitch pins that aren't mentioned on your Pinpics account? :D I'm always interested in some good Stitch pins lol xP

      Also, if you ever do come across one, let me know :) How do you come across so many pins out of curiosity Is it all online or do you go to a lot of PTNs?
    22. movingthestars
      Moe, just wondering what happened to you PODM website? I used to love looking at your collection, but now it asks for a username and password? Thanks for the great games all the time. :)
    23. PrinceEric
      your amazing and your my role model :)
    24. AmySchweppe
      Hope you liked your very late bday present :) Miss you tons!
    25. zoelovespins
      Hey Moe, I just wanted to thank you for arranging the scavenger hunt. It was so fun!
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