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  • DymA! oh my i got off track, i got the super nice black cauldron pin and couldnt be happier and then the awesome ZAP of the pre-2000 mickey and donald HOW DID YOU KNOW? i collect those and that pin looks right at home on that page. I started a Zap thread 3 days ago thanking you and 3 others and shouwed off my goodies, but forgot to mail you...sorry. leaving feedback now
    Just peeking in to say hello! Wishing you a very pleasant day!! :naughty: xoxoxo!!
    Hey you ... are you still on DPF? Are you in chat? Maybe I could muster up a little techno "stuff" and join you on chat?? I sure do miss you!!!! Looking forward to chatting with you soon!!! Sending you extra big hugs!!!! xoxoxoxo *bjr
    Happy Birthday Dyma :)

    Hippo birdie two ewes
    hippo birdie two ewes

    hippo birdie two ewes
    hippo biridie two ewes
    All the party animals want to be with you on your birthday!!
    Hi Dyma!! Remember this? >> Yes, we love Halloween here...People don't ask us about the bodies in the backyard so much...lol Something like that LOL
    Hi Dyma,

    Thanks for accepting my friend invitation. I just looked at nursek8 collection and you weren't kidding! That is THE LM collection! (O_O) Now I have 2 collections to aspire to. ^_^

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