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  • DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! freakin text me - i lost all contacts. I have been in crazy town for ten weeks with death in the family and my uncle with severe Alzheimer becoming my responsibility and dealing with my elderly parents, and lawyers, accounts and nursing homes and court system. BUT wanna see whats up and easier to text.
    wow, trying to follow up Dawny convo aint easy, but Ill try,,,

    Say grampa, whats with the Geritol backpack and straw combo?,
    you plannin on takin that wheelchair mudboggin'?
    Or you gonna get out the old binoculars to see if the cost of Rogaine is going down at CVS?
    <feeling smug and safe several hundred miles away>
    besides, I can always beat you with my cane if I need to ..
    OMG inbox full again....does Kimberly have this much trouble getting you to take the garb out at home?
    got the pins today..love king louie so much,now i gotta find that chic to trade the AP
    Hi, interested in trading for one of your RSP pins, but your inbox is full.
    hey dude, will most likely not be at CFPC meet on the 8th, do you still want to trade hook? give my traders a gander and let me know.
    Your inbox is full! You offered a trade to me a week ago that I just now saw and would still love to trade if you still have the Stitch jumbo!
    Muhahahaha!!<who was that shadowy figure,lurking in the dark, and what was he doing in Your pinbook?>
    Only the Grey Manatee knows
    wow that sure is alot APs added to pinpics for a "littleguy"?

    seems the circus got you hooked good on shiny metal
    Hi i gott stitch today and i am happy. Now i have the whole set except for the one they are releasing this fall! I am leaving feedback. trade anytime//
    Hi, your inbox is full. I wanted to ask if we could trade? I'm interested in these two pins from your traders:
    Pin 90790: WDW - Attraction Posters - Jungle Cruise
    Pin 90902: WDW - Disney Pin Trading Night 2012 - Dumbo
    Would you mind taking a look at my trades to see if there's anything you'd trade these for? Please let me know. Thanks :)
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