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  • Hi Sarah - your pm box was full but just in case you check the site again, wanted to reassure you that all is well - no worries at all and just wishing you all the best!! <3
    Hi Sarah! Your pm box is full, but just wanted to let you know I reserved the pin for you :) Hope you have a wonderful day as well!!
    Happy Valentine's Day, Sarah!

    Hey, I just got your SpiderMan pattern (had to be custom made from someone at Etsy -.-) I promise I haven't forgot I will have it completed soon dont worry! :)
    Thanks for participating in my game to win cross-stitch and other goodies. Please PM me what kind of cross-stitch you are looking for. Hope to get started with it soon :)
    Your inbox is full:)
    There has to be something wrong then I sent all the pins at the same time and everyone has received their pins your the only one that hasn't. I really hate the post office this time of year they always lose packages the worst time of year :( let me know what pin it was and I will send out a replacement Hun I'm so sorry and if it pops up let me know. Please pm me your info again :)
    hopefully!!!!!!!!! it says order though. i feel sick. it was horrid. i couldnt stop crying. hate hate pins sometimes ( well no i hate the DS ssometimes)
    Hi Sarah! I wanted to let you know I got my Mickey vinyl today, and I love him. Thank you so much!

    Here's a picture, so you know which figure I got, in case you were wondering...

    :Squeal!: So cute. :)
    Thank you for the friend request! I just realized I never told you I sent your package. :facepalm:

    Your vinyl Stitch is on his way to you now; I took him to the post office the day before yesterday.

    I hope he gets to you safe and sound. :angel:
    Hi, I got it, thank you! Preparing your package now, though, I'm struck down with a cold, I hope I can get them to the post office by the end of the week. And yes, it was great :D
    Hi Cutie pie, payment went through perfectly shall get atarted in the morn. sorry had a busy day today xxxxxxxxxx lots of things to do dxxxxxx
    Hi! Yes, sorry, I got it last week and when I went to message you the forum failed >.< Thank you so much! <3 Hopefully yours will be with you soon!
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