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  • Hi Dan! It was so nice to meet you tonight. Thank you for the adorable Dinah pin and also for the little extra you gave me for my friend! You really made this Pin Trading Night a special experience for me. Hope to deal with you again in the future. :) Love, Sara
    Hey Dan! I recognized your image in your card from our trade. I will leave feedback but thats for a great trade. I love Taffyta.
    just wanted to say what a pleasure it was meeting you at ptn.and many huge thanks for the stain glass rapunzel pin.im still in shock over that one.it just goes to show friendly honest traders are still out there,but i still feel like i owe you one.hope to trade again or just say hi.take care.
    Hi, did you receive my PM in regards to my Dhusband & I visiting DL in 2013 . :lol: I know its a way off . We go on the Fantasy May,2012, so anything you may want pin wise, let me know and I'll bring them out . Can't wait to walk where Walt walked .
    Great meeting you and trading with you today hope your son enjoys the piece of history pins :)
    Hi, I just wanted to say thank you again for the great trades today i love the Jiminy Cricket and Space Donald. It was a pleasure to meet you in person :)
    dan.. my fam and i are new to the pin hobby and im looking to meet sum ppl that can help us with the info part from time to time...we go to DLR at least once a month.. hope ur doing well... nice to meet you.
    thank you
    Dan, I'm so glad your new career is keeping you busy. I'd be happy just a JOB here in Florida. We really do miss your posts so hurry and get back on the boards. We need YOU!!!
    Hey Dan, long time no hear from you. Hope you and family are well. We really miss you on the Boards.
    Hey there, just stopping by to say HI...

    Been a while since I have seen you posting, thought I would drop by to see how things are going...
    I'm okay,plaqued with health issues and such,but things are starting to get better

    whats your new career?
    Hows the trading been at the park?We haven't been in nearly a year :(

    Its me stitchy! Hayley doesn't have an account here yet,she'll probably just use this one if she wants to post
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