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  1. I going dark soon

    Has anyone accessed it lately? I haven't been able to at all. So sad that all that hard earned feedback is just gone.
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    Trading "Enchanted," "Tangled," "The Little Mermaid" & more! LEs, DSF, DAs, PTDs etc.

    Here are a few pins I am trading. Primarily looking for LE Ariel, Rapunzel & Maleficent pins, but will also consider some Disney tigers such as: Tigger, Shere Khan, Rajah etc. PM me if interested. Thanks PinPics - iLuvAriel922
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    Trading DA 100 maleficent/phillip SUPER JUMBO!

    I have 19 pins off your wants. I would trade very nicely for this one, let me know. Thx
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    Wdi princess plaque pins

    Bidding: Pin 75194: Disney Store Europe - Princess Aurora - Locket Pin 86411: Walt Disney Family Museum Maleficent holding Jeweled Staff with Diablo Pin 100010: DSSH - Sleeping Beauty 55th Anniversary Surprise Pin
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    Pinpics Pin Trading : Past Present and Future Presentation at Comiccon

    Following...I too would like to see PinPics answer some of these questions and concerns. My main issue with their grading system is who deems these people pin experts? AND...why would all original contents NOT be included in the encapsulation and grading system? I don't understand why they...
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    !!!!GRAIL ALERT!!!!! Want to swim with this red head under the sea?

    Adding: Pin 99537: WDI - 2014 Chinese New Year - Year of the Horse - Maximus LE 250
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    **Tangled Ultimate Grail Auction** 551 wanting Ends 7/27 10pm EST

    I will bid these from your wants: Pin 58431: WOD NYC - Enchanted Opening Day LE 1000 Pin 58433: WDW - Enchanted Opening Day 2007 - Live Action Giselle LE 2000 Pin 58437: WDSB - Enchanted - Opening Day 2007 LE 500 Pin 58456: WDW - Cast Member Exclusive Enchanted Spinner LE 1000 Pin 61178: Target...
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    !!!!GRAIL ALERT!!!!! Want to swim with this red head under the sea?

    I'll give it a try: Pin 80881: DSF - Tangled - Rapunzel Stained Glass LE 300 Pin 89645: DSF - Ticket Stub Series - Rapunzel LE 300 Pin 96589: DSF - Circus Poster Series - Rapunzel LE 300 Pin 97360: DSF - Perfume Series - Rapunzel Perfume Bottle LE 400 Pin 98990: DSSH - Pin Trader's Sundae - Red...
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    Trade/Sale - Suspended

    Bump, some pins have been sold/traded. Mahrii I actually have an ISO post I can link to this post if you'd like. My wants list is pretty up-to-date though.
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    Pm sent, I'd like Rapunzel
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    ISO - In Search Of - Help me find some wanted pins :) Ariel & The Little Mermaid

    Bump! Have some pin funds if anyone is selling! Thx.