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  • Hi, I tried to pm you, but your box is full. I was able to get one of the ptd pins, but thank you so much for the offer.
    You Are The BEST ! Cyber Hugs & Kisses ! WooHoo, if I could do cartwheels I would be doing so . You can send them after the Brave set to save us both . I'll figure this out and send your money .
    Did you get your surprise zaps ? I wanted to send you more money, but hubby got a short check (with first week back to work after 2 weeks vacation) he had a day out . I will be able to send extra next week along with payment for the 2 beloved tales pins I want . I hope you are not upset with me . I always come through . :)
    I wrote you a very long PM about why I liked D23, but the system lost it in transmission. I was too p???? to rewrite it. If you have questions, email me.
    Don't do anything with those Easter Egg pins yet please . I may be buying them all . I was talking to hubby and he may let me buy them . I'm trying to get some good traders together . PM me your cousin's email addy and the total with shipping . I know they were $14.95 but I need total with tax and shipping .
    Thank You Jay ! If you can get them I want UP , Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast . If your partner says its ok I will buy Thumper, if not, it's ok too . I'm tight on money right now , but I promise I sell some stuff on eBay for those 3 pins . Thank You for being a good friend . Magical Wishes Always Debi
    Your inbox is full . if you can get the Storybook pins on the 28th , I would also take UP . I will make sure I save the money for those 3 ... BATB , LM, & UP .
    Thank You So Much for your kindness .
    My boss fired me because I used workmans comp ... she wanted me to use my husband's medical insurance and got very angry when she received the bill . She humiliated me in front of my co workers and my children . I'm a pre school teacher . I obtained an attorney already .
    We are now living off my husband's salary . I only wanted Thumper but I understand if you want to sell them as a set . I'm sure you will have no problem doubling your money . Let me check with creative and swim2sea to see if they got theirs .
    I do have a favor though , would you please, please be kind enough to get me the BATB and Little Mermaid hinged pins at the end of April ? I will save money for them . I wish I could get the whole set . Thank You for your kindness . Magical Wishes Always, Debi
    Hey Jay222 - Martin (pin_pal) was telling me you're the one to thank for me getting my lovely Alice DSF ticket pin, so I wanted to drop in and say a big thank you! :) Really kind of you, appreciate it!! xx
    Was hoping to hear from you . I'm hoping you will still get me the Rapunzel & Stitch ticket pins that we spoke about and if there is a surprise release, please get me that as well . I have the money put aside to PayPal you right away . Thank You So Much and Good Luck at the store . Looking forward to hearing from you .
    Your inbox is full so I'll just respond here :)

    I honestly do not feel like this is going to be that bad of a release. Kaitlyn and I plan on getting there at 6 AM. These are LE 300's, so it won't be bad at all. What time are you guys going? Oh btw, can you text me so I have your number? It's usually easy to spot people, but you never know :p 714-651-9526
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