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  • Hey we kida stoped tallking! :p lol! soooo what's up? :) (oh and I am very intrested in one of your traders :) )
    :lol: sorry! oh and i kindas stole your charecter so we could finally meet! haha! hope that was ok? :)
    awww damit! lol! so sorry :( !!!! I promise I will not get attached! lol! Meg and Ariel seem like they could be friends lol. who knows you might like meg better than Punzel? idk you'll do great either way! :) maybe they will llet you take punzel? :) oh and lol love the detective ariel/ punzel badges! :D you should just wear them everywhere and flash them at people lol! btw you need 2 come 2 DLR sometime!! 0_0 haha!
    Hello! The total for three buttons will be: $8.50

    Basically, first button $3.50, second and third $2.50 each. :)
    no now I am the one behind -_- lol! I agree and I did talk 2 Kayla in chat the other day and she seemed 2 love the idea :) so how are things with you? any new pins lately?
    Hey I'M sorry for not replying sooner! lol! I hope Lady comes back. She go us out of some tough spots and was really fun 2 play with! :) As for the book... I talked 2 Steff the other day and she was thinking the same thing lol! but maybe everyone that wanted a copy has 2 give an le 1000 or lower pin? idk just an idea :/ If she is not intrested i'm sure someone will be! :) I like the idea of the Ariel and Rapunzel adventures but I think we would have 2 write it ;) it would'nt be the same otherwise lol! I also asked Steff if we could goof around in the next game and she reminded me that she was the one who sent eels 2 Ursula right after we prank clled her! ;) :rofl: any cool new pins lately? :)
    no problem :) well I hope she comes back for the game! :anxious: well think of it as were letting her read our story! lol! no but maybe everyone who wants one can give her a le 1000 or lower? idk just a thought. I don't think we should ask her 2 do Ariel and Punzel though... would'nt be the same we would have 2 write it ourselves... not a bad idea hmmmm lol! Anyways I was talking 2 Steff and she was saying that she would'nt have a problem with our antics again ;) she said she and Wally loved them :) and told us 2 remember that she was the one who sent the eels 2 Ursulas door after her freak out lol!
    lol thanks :) I loved it cause it had me almost crying and then laughing the next momment! lol :) just send me your email and i'll send it to you :)

    lol I will :) oh ok good I have some pins I have added to my wants for you :D lol I was really excited for the rest of the day at the news of not bing a rookie! I hope we can get the ganag back together.... hav'nt seen Lady post in a little while :/ LMAO! it is so weird... out of the pin world a LOT of people love belle but in th epin wolrd not as many collectors as you would have thought (or I would have thought ;) ) but I just had this really cool idea! Kayls is offering 2 write for people for pins:http://disneypinforum.com/showthread.php?16476-Just-an-Idea-Story-s-Writing-Workshop so I thought maybe she could read through our LONG storry and then kind of turn it onto a book? then all of us could hav a copy? idk crazy? OH YEAH! but I love that story so much! :D LMK what you think :)
    Brave! I think it's amazing! and I even found the song touch the sky online!(I can send it 2 you if you want ;) ) the thing I love most about the movie was that it could have you almost in tears one momment and then laughing the next :) for my PODMs I don't have a mermaid frame but I have a backround that will look good. I would get a little mermaid frame but I don't think they made any 0_0 Nice to meet you Jessica! :) are you open for zaps? ;) OH! and I almost forgotI was talkingto Steff the other day and she said in the next game were not rookies!!!! :D !!! because it's a whole new story. She says it's in the works ;) (sorry would'nt let me post it all at onece read the message below first lol )
    I am not getting my grail pin it was a misunderstanding(and completely my fault!:p) they said they had made a trade for my grail and then they said they would seel me 2 different pins I asked about :p lol! but they did send me a TON of zaps! (they are one of the best members ever! like you! ;) ) :http://disneypinforum.com/showthread.php?16267-More-zaps . Scuttle would be really cool I think but hard 2 pull off so I want Ariel! lol! Mergana or Mulan would be really cool! this is getting me really excitted for the next game! lol! The other day I finally saw
    Thats good to hear, I had a bid in for $25 but of course I had no chance of winning lol! Hopefully one day I can own that pin! Yeah the which prince is hotter had to be a little weird LOL!! Scuttle would be a fun character, he's so funny! I think If I wasn't able to be Rapunzel I would try to be Megara or Mulan. But it might be weird being Mulan since mushu was the last killer haha! I don't have a mulan frame, but I really want one that looks oriental or something that could had been in the movie, I am on the look out :) Oh yeah I'm Jessica by the way lol! It is nice to meet you Jackson haha!
    I am getting it for a way better price i'll tell you after I have it ;) aww thanks! Imagine how weird it was for me though when debating what prince looked better 0_0 :lol: If I see it first i;ll say "I'll be Ariel and jlynn6 calls Punzel! (could I know your real name I feel weird calling you that:lol: i'm Jackson :) ) if i'm not able 2 get Ariel my back up charecter is Scuttle ha ha!

    I think it looks really good! will they be getting their own frame ;) ? I think I like your idea better thoguh!:lol: it was my pleasure :)
    Yeah I'm really happy about those! My amazing friend catburger is selling it 2 me for a great price! :) lol I will be on the look out for you ;) I am glad the adventures of Ariel and Rapunzel will comtinuie! I did feel a little weird playing Ariel being a guy but thought i;d give it a shot! lol! Plus i've had a little thing for her since I was like 1... lol! How about this whoever hears about it or see's it first will tell the other one asap so we have a chance :/
    So that's what It means... I was wondernig about that :) lol trust me i'm worse than you :p ha ha! i'm getting 110 legacy Ariel and Ursula,Ariel hinged storrybook,the ariel and eric pin in my sig (in a heart when they almost kiss!) Well maybe i'll zap you with Mushu and Punzel then ;) Ha ha! are you going 2 be Rapunzel in the next game 2? :)
    Oh cool! :) I'm not alone yay! ha ha! Diz pins? ohhh i had no idea... glad I did'nt join there! ha ha! I have actually been here since I was 11 but did'nt post very much ha ha! If you were a member there and moved here is that what makes you a charter member? just curious. So now that yo uknow i'm 13 please excuse my typos ha ha! I definitely will! I have some comming 2 me that i'm really excitted about!! Have you gotten any new pins lately? I really want 2 zap you with a Mulan and a Rapunzel pin! (Mulan yor fav and Dettective or er rookie Rapunzel ha ha!)
    Oh I see lol! I actuall did'nt see eitheir of them in theaters... have batb on dvd and don't really remember Lion king... ha ha! I should have seen that in 3d! I don't think I will see Nemo in 3d as well... I don't know just seems like mermaid would be less special then:lol: Ohhh your right I would have a hard time not singing along with mermaid :lol: I am actually verry young... 13 I know verry young age 2 start "hard core" (hard core is that the right term?:lol:) pin collecting... Young enough 2 know "we wants the red head!" ha ha! Uhhhh my pin collection is'nt verry much... not that great ha ha! Yeah I have a cork board for all my mermaid pins and a page in my pin bag for other random pins I have.
    I am as welll... wait Rapunzel wants deaths?!:rofl: maybe we can... Ariel does'nt like being a rookie eitheir ha ha! I've never seen it in theaters so I am SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS!!! I was'nt born yet! ha ha!(yeah i'm that young and still kick A$$ in the merder games! ha ha!)
    :lol: I hope so but don't think it will happen :( as ther are a LOT of lion king fans and the pins are hard 2 come buy for some reason:dunno:. I agree I love her hair and have'nt even seen the movie yet! ha ha! but Ariel is still #1 red head who's hair has a mind of it's own underwatter ha ha! I can't wiat for finding Nemo 2 come and go :lol: I know that sounds bad and I love the movie but mermaid is comming back 2 theatears! I can't wait! I want 2 go down and see it at the el capitan! I was just reading through the end of the murder game... still makes me sad that it's over :( I was talking with steff the other day in chat and we were debaiting if chesire was a villian or not and she said remember you talking 2 cheif chesire!:lol: I wrote back Ariel apoligises 2 chesire in hopes of earning her badge back:lol: then we both agreed we consider Mushu a villian... :rofl: i'm sad that the game ended but am excited ffor the next one!:hsd:
    That's awesome! :D I tried 2 get another on ebay also but the prices are just 2 high!:eek2: The release was crazy but I think I missed the worst of it getting there SO late:lol: I have'nt seen it yet :( I am waiting until one of my friends gets back from vacation in about a weekk 2 watch it with them :) is it one of the better pixar movies?
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