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  • :poke: how are you?! Wow crazy pin release! So excited that the Elsa ptn comes out two days before my birthday :D maybe I can persuade the parents to buy me one! :lol:
    :) yes! They're here and beautiful! ☺️ And I got a hula Olaf figure from the disney store. :) My DVD came as well with my lithographs.( although I got the digital copy in the 25th from iTunes :p ) I'm trading for the opening day Olaf pin and the frozen heart pin and dlp Olaf. :) How about you?
    Awesome! There is nothing on the back. Only the image on the front. :)

    ooh cool! I saw it in march last year as well. :) I love wicked so, so much. I was mouthing all the words to the songs during the play :lol: . Yeah... I would love an animated wicked movie in 2-d animation! I would die. Frozen comes close to elphaba with Elsa, though, so I can't complain too much. :p

    I hope there isn't a surprise! Lol I would want both. :p
    Okay. Yeah I know you've been. Looking for it for her for a while! :) wow, really?

    Inwent to to see wicked yesterday! ( for the second time :) ) It was awesome, and I got my playbill signed, and popped into the disney store. :) and I'm trading for the opening day Olaf!!!! So excited!!! Oh and can you still do that shirt I asked you about?
    Mmhmm. :lol: Yeah... Don't do that. :nono:

    I love those pins! Obviously yes I love Ariel and Eric and Rapunzel and Flynn, but I also love the PATF ring, and roger rabbit is cute too! :) congrats on the Ariel! So these are Disneyland only?

    And no comment on the fact that I posted two visitors messages in a row to win and post the 1000th visitors message in our conversation?! I worked so hard on that! :p I've been waiting forever to use that yzma gif! :roll:

    Haha. Yes it would seem so! :p

    and of course min does! :lol: jk. I loosened up her hair when I took her out of the box. She still has gel in her hair, but it's softer. ;)

    thank you!! :hug: Now I have my trio! :D

    * is totally not going to recreate the scenes from the movie* psshhht, what? :roll:

    so what's up? Anything new? :wiggle:

    You seem very familiar to me... #tlm #thelittlemermaid #ariel #princeeric #disneystore #disneydoll #disneydolls by Lost Princess of Atlantica, on Flickr

    #ariel #thelittlemermaid #tlm #littlemermaid #disneystore #disneydolls #disneydoll #princeeric by Lost Princess of Atlantica, on Flickr
    :D Thank you so much! :hug:
    Well you never know with the academy sometimes. :crazy:

    i ended up up getting less than an inch of snow. Lol. We were supposed to get 9! I guess Elsa is feeling merciful after winning her awards!

    and yes. More snow :/ we'll let's hope he gets here soon!!



    Wait, what? LOL I asked about ups and you replied yes, USPS. :lol:

    it doesn't matter, lol just thought it was funny. ;)

    Thank you! I need to know the proper time to anxiously await the mailman. :roll:
    Congrats on your zap! *sound of the cannon*

    Funny how you got zapped a pin that you zapped! :p ;)

    Now the rest of us have to

    Yes you do. I was being nice. :p :roll:

    Awesome! It'll be awesome to see them all! :D You know, if I go. :p

    lol. I'm only kidding. I'll probably be there for one day as per the norm because something always seems to prevent me from going on multiple days. :sigh:

    I'm excited to see the kiss the girl pin you have and your frozen jumbo! Since you know the only reason I go is to hold everyone's pins. :rofl: Since I have no traders to speak of.
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