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  • I am in disney mon the 29th through friday 3pm the 3rd

    i am getting organized and will post a thread by tomorrow with my details. Would love to meet.
    yo are you even on here anymore? oh empty your mail!
    Hey Hun! Still haven't heard if you got my pins and if you sent mine yet. Please let me know.
    Your inbox is full...I am trying to send you your name for the Spring Pin exchange. If I haven't heard from you by 5 PM tonight ET, I am going to have to take your name out of it as it doesn't appear you've been active lately.
    So sorry my dear! I have been so under the weather, I just now realized I never exchanged addresses with you for your auction win on Merida/Cindy Carousel horses! Please send your addy, mine is:
    Melissa Fioramonti
    625 Blake Ave
    Davenport, FL 33897

    So I'm sure you're aware that your bracelet came awhile ago, but I've been going through some stuff and had someone here say some pretty mean things to me so I needed a break and then I was out of town for a week without internet, anyway, I finally got to opening your package and the bracelet is so lovely, I've been wearing it around the house all day and plan on wearing it tomorrow to see Oz. Thank you again, like a million thank yous. Your kindness reminded me that there are really great, fantastic people in the world. Tomorrow I will take a picture of your bracelet and the other really incredible and unexpected zap I got so that everyone knows what an awesome girl you are. Thank you again, I will always love the bracelet and think of your kindness whenever I wear it.
    So sorry I wasn't...really here to help last night ):

    I hope everything is better. I saw you were liking the PTDs and I decided to auction my extra Lilo...Thought I'd let you know.

    Hahahaha YES! I'm so happy to know another person who loves Ariel's sisters like I do :]
    lol it is, I don't use it a lot though since I'm not a BTR fan, but it is one of the only good praying gifs I could find haha xD

    Let's hope haha but if not, it at least worked out for you so tis not all bad ^_^

    P.S. Your inbox is full ;D
    Yes I did! They were absolutely amazing! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you I've been sickly this week & started a new job on monday too. lol :) THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will get the coloring book and mini gift sent out to you on Monday. I'm such a slacker. lol
    Just letting you know, I'm going crazy searching for the China Girl pin for you ;D If there is luck I'll report back...I'm pretty hopeful about it!!!
    Hey Lana....thanks...I've seen that one I think. It is a little pricey though and I've been trying to work with the seller to get a better deal, but she won't budge lol
    Well thank you...... It truly does describe my love for the jumbo pins
    kinda share this page,since im only 12. (so my dad helps a little,even with the screen name)
    mwahahaahaha xD

    I was so happy to get the vinyls and stuff today ;A; really made my day. I hope yours shows up soon!
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