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    Sold/Ended: DSSH Oscars Pins: Aladdin and Big Hero 6

    I can't find you on PinPics. I'm imterested in the Aladdin one. Please see my traders under leopardpolkadotspots
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    Sold/Ended: Bradford Exchange - Magical Moments Of Disney Pin Collection

    Hi there, I'm down for Aladdin and lion king, but haven't logged in for a while. Have I missed this?
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    Sold/Ended: Bradford Exchange - Magical Moments Of Disney Pin Collection

    Please can you put me down for lion king & Aladdin. Thank you
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    I'm back :)

    I remember we have traded before
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    I'm back :)

    Thank you Brian
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    I'm back :)

    Thank you, Rachel ?
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    I'm back :)

    Thank you! You remembered I love Aladdin pins. I've seen lots of lovely ones released that I need to get. Hopefully someone will trade with me :)
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    I'm back :)

    Hi guys happy new year to you all. I took a break from pin trading for a couple of years to concentrate on my college, career and personal life. Now that all three are on track, I have made a return. A few of you may remember me? Im trying to remember but I have this feeling that is forum...
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    Getting back into it...

    H there, I'm just getting back into pin trading too. I've been collecting since 2000 and took a two to three year break. Now I'm itching to trade. I'm in the UK too so if you have any pins to trade, let me know. :) welcome back also
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    GSF DSF Best Song: Aladdin and Lion King

    Looking for the new release of Aladdin and lion king best new song pins from DSF gsf. looking to trade, please check out traders or can buy if reasonable. Must be able to post to UK. Thanks :)
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    Surprise DSSH release: Four more Oscar-winning songs

    Stunning pins! If anyone gets an extra lion king and Aladdin, please see my traders or I can pay, as long as it's reasonable!
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    Cast Exclusive Lion King pin!

    This is adorable! if anyone has an extra and wants to trade, please pm me!
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    PTD Discussion Thread

    Looking for princess Megara PTD please. Will buy or trade, check my traders.
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    Megara PTD please

    I am looking for the new PTD Megara Pin please. Can pay or trade, check my traders! Can also help with pins from the uk. Please help my small Megara collection grow! thanks :)
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    JDS Lady and the Tramp 50th anniversary box set

    OKay just found on an auction site that the disney catalog version (36302) 50th anniversary pin set which is LE 1500 sold for $262.98 in June of this year. Whereas this one is LE 600 and from Japan and has more people wanting.