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  • I'd like to trade your Eric for my Sebastian,your box is full but I'm very interested.plmk
    I sent you a zap a couple weeks ago, and I have not heard from you, but tracking indicates delivered. Can you just confirm you received it, please.

    Thank you.
    Can you please respond to my pm. I'm still waiting to hear from you about the status of your auction bid. It's been almost two weeks. If there's a problem, I understand, but I would like to be filled in on what's going on.
    Hi! :wavey:

    No, you aren't nuts! :lol:

    I am in the process of getting him :D . I was able to work out a trade with one of my friends. :hsd:
    Hi! Mountedarcherprinceer is selling an Ursula LE 17" doll for cost plus shipping!! Pm her if you would like Ursula! I hope you get her! :x:
    I wasn't planning on it because I start classes the morning before, but if I get paid on time next week I might be able too!
    Thank you so much! My birthday was in late July but I just now had the opportunity to post a thank you! :D I am so blessed!
    And wow, that statue is soooo so amazing. I hope I can get it next time I go to the park! Absolutely awesome, thank you so much for sharing it with me! :D
    did you trade away all your POdM of Mulan? If not and you are intrested in a trade plz let me know!!!
    Yes, I've just been down the last week or so. My boyfriend comes home this week and i've been terribly ill all weekend. ,_,

    Thanks for asking ;w;
    Ooh I'm SOO glad you liked everything!! :D :cheshire:
    You're very welcome!
    So the mug made it there alright? I was so worried about it ! :anxious:
    Awww thanks! that's so sweet! :) Glad you liked everything and happy it got to you safe :) I will let you know when I've got your package, so excited! :D If you fill in the customsform can you mark it as a gift and a total value of $20, please? :) Because of customsfees ;) Thanks again so much! :hug:
    Hey hun, just had a look and yes I have :) Sorry I didn't see it before, already evening here and PO is already closed and tomorrow to because of a holiday. I will ship your pins on Friday ;) Thanks again hun. Can you also PM me your address again your boyfriend included it, but just to be sure I have it right :)
    thanks for loving the gays and little mermaid. without you i would be not part of the haus of may.

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