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  • Linz_Pinz,

    We just noticed that you were assigned someone by mistake!

    Therefore, we are shuffling assignments around!!!

    I will send you a PM to let you know who your new Secret Santa recipient is!

    Ah thank you! I'm just now noticing I had a message - sorry for the delayed reply! Picking a less popular character (Snow White's Prince) has definitely helped in my collecting, and the fact that I started way back when :) Just keep at it and you'll get there!
    If you're interested in buying I could sell :) Otherwise if you manage to get your hands on anything from my wants then please contact me.
    Hey I have now updated my trades. Oh by the way my name is Lyndsy too !!
    Hi sorry I couldn't reply to your message sooner I do have some but I don't use pinpics anymore I will try get them sorted on the one dpf created and you can check them out that way :)
    Cool! Hi there, fellow Rhode Islander!... Keep an eye out for a local meet-up. We did one for the folks from RI/MA/NH/CT last year. It wasn't a big meet, but everybody was super nice and we had a lot of fun... What themes do you collect?
    :rofl: I have been a member for two years on the 29th and I STILL have to give myself a check sometimes! :lol: Last night I was on here until 4:30 am! :facepalm: It is SO addicting, and doesn't get better! ;)
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