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  • Hi Liz! Your pm box is full but just wanted to let you know your pins are on their way! Dc should be with the paypal details but if you can't find it let me know and I can look it up and send it for you ^.^

    hope you have a wonderful day and hope you enjoy your pins!

    Hey honey, Just wondering if you posted out my pins yet and could I have my tracking number please xx
    Not a problem :) It'll be a fun surprise aha!
    Thanks for letting me know!
    Oh, I highly doubt I could afford him. It was mostly an observation, but boy, it is adorable. Hahah! And a free bump. ;)
    OH MAN! This is obviously fate XD Okay, I've actually been wanting to ask this but do you have a picture of her? I have seen some pins were she looks stunning, and others where her face looks a bit meh :/ Is it possible to see a photo of the pin? It's the face paint that is my breaking point :/ I'm sorry! I would like to love the face before I put down a payment for her :/ I hope you don't mind :(
    Oh! No problem!! As I said before, I really appreciate the fact that you informed me! Jasmine and Aladdin are a gorgeous pin so I'm sure she will be thrilled on having them in her collection :D I hope you all get your pins safe and sound!!
    Okay, that really sounds promising to me! Is it possible to give you the final verdict Wednesday? I just need tomorrow to know for sure. If someone calls dibs on them before you get my answer, please give the pin to them :eek:) I don't want to hold you back from obtaining your pins! Thank you so much! *crossing my fingers :x:*
    WOW! You drive a hard bargain! Is it possible to do a small payment plan? Or are they being reserved for you? I need to head to the bank to deposit some funds, and I really want to accept, but I just need a payment plan...:anxious: I can put down a deposit if necessary, but I completely understand if it's not possible :'o)
    Oh man, I shouldn't ask but how much are you looking for? :lol: I just paid for Rapunzel and Eugene so my wallet has a "small dent" lol would you accept payment plans? Unfortunately, for now, my budget for Jasmine and Aladdin is around $150ish (crazy I know), so just let me know how you feel :eek:) It's okay to be blunt with me! lol Completely understand if you decline :eek:D [edit]: And thank you for informing me! Even if I don't get them, I hope someone takes these beauties off your hands! Tell me, are they gorgeous in person? I can't wait to see my Rapunzel lol
    Oh man, I really want to commit, but I would like to get them for under $200 :/ I am going to have to pass for now :eek:( Sorry! I hope you get another participant soon! I will be watching the thread closely.
    Sorry, I didn't see your message until just now! For some reason I'm not getting alerts for Visitor Messages. I think I'm going to auction off that Minnie as Ariel pin. I had a pending trade set a little bit ago and haven't heard back from the person and since then I have had a LOT of requests about it. Keep a look out for the auction. :)
    Just report the thread and don't give in. I don't want to see any of us get infractions. Idk what the goal is of should be kept in PMs. Maybe the mods will catch it quickly.
    my favorite trade request response of the day. I sent out a request offering the Rapunzel WDI OR Pascal PTD for the Enchanted BT. The person actually came back and said they would trade Enchanted for both my WDI Rapunzel & Pascal PTD! LMFAO! I was like seriously? That's a fair trade in your eyes? Um...OK

    No I didn't really say that...I was nice and simply said "no thank you," but I just wonder what goes through some peoples minds sometimes.
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