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  • pretty sure I am willing to trade. I need to figure out which one it is, lol, and I will take a look at your traders
    nope sadly not til sept. I may need a favor though....dont you love that! Ive been meaning to PM you-just really busy.
    for pins from japan? i am so heart broken i cant go. i even had the money! mf? where should i look to see whats out over there? ive been out of it lately--so overwhelmed with family stuff (the reason i cant go)
    oh boy I sure hope they have a PTN at WDW in April, so many folks Id love to meet!!
    despite the rumors to the opposite opinion, I am not gone, Like any good villain I am just time will come......Muahahahahahah!!
    ok, weird. but good for me cause i use the monorails during the runs. Next on your list is to let me know if that sat the 11th i there a central florida pin chasers meet? i forget the weekend. Just so i know if i should bring pins or not. thanks for being my servant. YOu know that does it for me btw
    The high today was 42 and the low will be 32. Lucky me! To make me even more jealous, my daughter is going to WDW next week with friends. Yeah, she'll be funning and sunning while I'm chipping the ice off my pins. Life is so unfair sometimes.
    I was told that all that construction in front of the contemporary was the additional bus depots needed for when they close down the monrail for a major refurbishment....oh i read it on 2 places, on the World of Walt newsletter i get and disneydining. Both stated that the monorail was to be shut down starting in jan 2014 and busses will be filling in while they do the repairs
    Dude. Whats the story on the monorail system? We are coming down for the marathon in january well monorail be running I need to plan
    Save the cane for Dawny! She could use a good beating ... always stepping out of line like that.

    You couldn't get the Mouse to back up that PTN a month for me??? Shame. :nono:
    Thank you! Fortunately, and unfortunately, I already have the frame set, so it will be going to the next person in line that wants it. :] I was still hoping at a shot for the couple set. One day.
    Hey i was thinking of you this morning--weird! how r u! and i have absolutly no idea what you are talking about with the xmas tours but i am down in WDW jan 7-13 SO MAKE TIME FOR ME!
    I have no idea what that means. Lol. Things are changing and I'm more than a little ignorant, so I gotta catch up!!! Lol

    Yiu are more than worthy, your my friend!!!
    Sorry, it arrived on Thursday but I'm very behind on dealing with my incoming packages (which is pretty much your fault!). The pin is gorgeous and I'm off to leave feedback!
    Ack! Princess Central has been compromised. Somehow a villainous package breached the castle doors. It could be cursed... MUST SPRINKLE WITH FAIRY DUST.... Must pull together the forces of good and open the package..WHERE IS MY FAIRY DUST?....I'll be back to thank you...with goodness, fairy dust, unicorns, pinkness and light and everything that is princessy...if I survive.........
    I completely understand. :) I must be technologically challenged LOL. Happy hunting to you also :) I deleted my post about the not adding pins so no one gets confused :)
    So sorry about the whole add a pin on pinpics thing. I couldn't find the button to save my life after someone had told me where to find it. And one person I think said something before about not being able to add pins. lol. I got confused. Hope you can forgive me!
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