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Jun 26, 2015
Mar 22, 2011
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Jan 26, 1990 (Age: 29)
Los Angeles, CA
Assistant Fashion Designer

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Jun 26, 2015
    1. Shelterkat
      Happy Birthday:wavey:
    2. nsingleton
      Happy Birthday!!! :dumbo: Hope you have an amazing day!
    3. starry_solo
      Your turn to pick again in my game!
    4. Shelterkat
      Happy Birthday:cheshire:
    5. nsingleton
      I hope you have an amazing birthday!!! :koda:
    6. Goofy_Moe
      need info... but box is full... please clear a bit of space...
    7. Pkerownage

      I tried PMing you but your inbox is full :(
    8. wdwjuan
    9. tinkerbelle1956
      WooHoo ! So glad you got your Belle ! She is my most treasured so far . Beauty and the Beast play at the then MGM Studios remember the release of doves? OMG , It helped me relieve my grief over just losing my dad . I got the Belle pin from a kind seller on ebay . And recently bought the 110 Leagacy collection Beast holding Gaston out . Can't wait to see it ! Magical Wishes Debi
    10. swim2sea
      Tried to PM you but your inbox is full. I have a Belle doll for trade.
    11. talesoftobv
    12. closesttothepin
      Brenna makes grail dreams come true- THANKYOUVERYMUCH!!!
    13. disneyfreak619
      great meeting you yesterday you have some awesome pins
    14. chumlee
      Hey you!! Missed you two this weekend! Just wanted to say Howdy!!
    15. niknaxx
      Hey there~ It was GREAT to meet you over the weekend!!! :) Thanks for making the event so comfortable for me :)
    16. kyuubee
      No,it's usually pretty cool,with some exceptions like the HM PoH (which was so unbelievably ugly we felt bad for everyone who fought for them,the carpet was cut so unprofessionally,as if someone used a spork to pull it apart! :lol: ) The nightmare pin event was really fun,alot of interest but no chaos.There were even frames left over the next day when we went to the park just for fun!

      Our favorite events are at the soda fountain though,by far the best pin trading environment around! :D

      (gah stupid character limit for posts lol)
    17. kyuubee
      It is saddening,but it should be alot better in person :D You'll see alot of nice traders! And a little friendly tip,don't be afraid to chit-chat and mingle,and mention you want the frame,we've had people in line in front of us who didn't want things that their wristbands allowed them to get,and they gladly bought them for us free of charge.Just gave them the cash for it and they gave us whatever it was we asked for :D Some sellers are awesome like that!
      Had this been an in-person lineup,then it would have been a horrible first time experience for you.people running,mobbing,hiding to cut in line,arguing etc etc.This way you two can just stroll up and get your wristbands,with the only worry being getting a good spot in the Standby :D
    18. kyuubee
      Ditto,I'm not against reselling pins later on,but selling them before they're even out and at 300%+ cost is so sickening. Alot of the resellers we've met have good jobs and aren't struggling to pay the rent or buy birthday gifts as someone mentioned in the thread.they're just preying on people who got left out :(
      Yeah the unfair/BS list for this event seems almost infinite sadly
    19. kyuubee
      What wave did you two get?
      You're best bet is to get to the park early around 7:30,they should start handing out the bands at 8 just outside the bagcheck to the park (it's a little kiosk,they have people line up by it).Then get to Little Green Men asap,get your stuff then linger around where the standby line starts,so you can be up front.Be sure to ask if you guys will be allowed to get in the line for the frame,remember the name of whoever told you yes if they say yes,AND keep your receipts that show you have not already purchased a frame.That way hopefully you two can be somewhat near the front of the line.
      Dress cool though,that line is overheating central :(
    20. kyuubee
      Thank you! We wear em to conventions and the disney halloween events :D

      Exactly! They should have either asked first and found out if they could get the day off before entering,since their was a nice amount of time to enter,or just used a sick/personal day off and go. Now theres 2 whole wasted wave-1 wristbands that others have to decide if they wanna gamble on trying to get in the 2nd chance lineup :(
    21. fluffycat1
      Welcome to DPF >^..^<
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    Jan 26, 1990 (Age: 29)
    Los Angeles, CA
    Assistant Fashion Designer
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    Got hooked on disney pins, and I ended up here!

    Alice Pins, Ariel Pins, Fantasia Pins!


    "In a Wonderland they lie, Dreaming as the days go by, Dreaming as the summers die:
    Ever drifting down the stream - Lingering in the golden gleam - Life, what is it but a dream?"

    - Carroll, Lewis. Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There. Macmillan & Co., 1872.