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    Could an entire tin be scrapped

    If it is the seller from St Louis area, those are highly likely to be counterfeits. She is a well known scrapper dealer. And I think she doesn't have the actual tin, just selling pin-by - pin in individual listings.
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    Looking for Help & Info About Rare Pin

    Many thanks to everyone who took time to give me info & feedback. Counselor, I think that the seller of that pin is the same person I am trying to help. Happy Easter :)
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    Looking for Help & Info About Rare Pin

    Hello lovely folks of DPF! I have been out of pin circles for quite a while, but a collector reached out to me for help about a pin. I am completely clueless about it, so I wanted to check with members of our forum. The pin in question is not on Pinpics (yet), but similar pins are. The owner...
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    Formal Introduction ~

    Welcome. Hope y'all will live long and prosper :)
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    Prayers for Judy (Tiggermickey)

    Update: According to her FB posts, Judy is back at her home after a successful surgery. Thanks everyone for showing support.
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    Prayers for Judy (Tiggermickey)

    Hello lovely people of DPF! Poor Judy had yet another visit to the hospital for kidney complications, and ended up having an emergency surgery yesterday. From what I understand, her blood pressure is dangerously low and her doctors are worried. Please keep Judy and her family in your prayers...
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    New Pins-Prices Reduced Snow White and Sleeping Beauty Pins

    Hi Shauna :) Could you please hold 66691 if still available. Waiting to see what else you have in SB.
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    Tangled, Enchanted, BatB

    Pm coming
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    A thank you and an update!

    Congrats & best of luck. I am sure you will be great :)
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    Thank you for the kind birthday wishes :)

    Thank you for the kind birthday wishes :)
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    Thank you for the kind birthday wishes :)

    Thank you for the kind birthday wishes :)
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    PTD Sale *Updated 5/4/15*

    Interested in Sultan if still available. Could you please pm me your Paypal address?
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    The Pin Community has Lost a Friend

    He was a very kind soul. So very sorry to read this :( My condolences to his family & friends.
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    Need some prayers, pixie dust, positive thoughts, witchcraft and shares

    My heart goes out to Quinn and all of his family. I shared the link on my FB page. What a handsome boy with such a precious smile despite everything he has been through. Many prayers coming his way!