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  • PM sent about a possible trade :) I like:pin 84807: Disney Movie Club Exclusive Pin #40 - The Fox and the Hound
    Pin 47883: DLR - The Fox and the Hound - 25th Anniversary
    and I have the DSF carl and ellie chocolate box for trade :)
    Hi i posted on your WDI cats thread about the Dinah pin :D I have one that arrives tomorrow, and am willing to trade it for a pin on my wants :D
    Hi! I just watched the 3rd harry potter movie and I just noticed that your name and signature refer to the movie! that's so cool! I love the harry potter series:)
    OH, and I am also filling out my RSPs for the Florida pin event, let me know if you want anything!


    I read your Rapunzel thread, and I have the Rapunzel and Flynn on thunder railroad from WDI. Flynn has pupils, I haven't noticed any flaws with the pin since it is still on its backer card and protected. You do have some pins from my want list, I am really interested in the DSF soda cap because I have been looking for that for some time. My second choice is the DLRP PTN Rapunzel as I am also working on that set. Let me know what you think and we can try to work something out if you are interested.
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