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  • Im good! Awww we havent gaga'ed out in a while :D I havent been able to go on chat because my computer wont update :( so im so out of the loop now!
    no problem, thanks ive been thinking about changing it lately. not sure what to change it to though.
    Ariel is WAS my most favorite movie ever with mulan! 'till tangled came out;) I love father daughter princess movies:D
    OMG not possible! I wouldn't be surprised if everyone started collecting tangled because of how awesome the movie is;) but it is a really scary thought though:shock: it gives me nightmares:shock: LOL jk :lol:
    LOL I can totally tell by your page! but my page will always stay tanged:p TANGLED LOVER FOR LIFE! :rofl:
    LOL I like collecting with my mom cause she helps me get nice pins for my collection:p and I didn't watch frankenweenie yet:( but hopefully I will soon:)
    I guess I'll meet you and Zoe at PTN then if you go:) and most of the traders in ejangabang is my mom's traders:shock: so I'll ask her how and let you know;) but it was so my idea to collect tangled cause I LOVE the movie:) so I choose what we collect together and she trades for those pins:p ps. I HATE math too!:banghead:
    Hi Jackson! Are you going to the park today? I am:D let me know if you're going:) and btw I'm still collecting tangled, those are my mom's and I's extras:)
    :*( WISH I COULDVE GONE!!! Ive been having the worst week. My car is in the shop and my friend bailed on me she was suppose to go with me...she hasnt even txted me back since saturday... I dont have the best friends :/ Im just their annoying pin trading friend who isnt into all the stuff their into and whos depressed. I really hope you had a wonderful bday <33333
    Thank You Mojoscout. :)
    No actually a really close friend of mine made it for me.
    He's here on the forum.
    You should check him out. :)
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