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    2017 PTD Discussion Thread - UPDATED 11/28/17

    Hey did they ever release the rest of the alphabet set?
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    Disney Popcorn Buckets and Candy/Snack Containers: Share your collection!

    I have the Cindy bucket, I just saw on the Popcorn bucket FB group that there is a new Buzz Lightgear bucket that looks like him in his box
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    Disney Store Limited Edition Dolls - 12" and Designer - 2017

    I really want Ariel... I love the sculpt on her father.
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    Halloween Mickey Lanyard (REVERSIBLE!) - Ends Fri, Sept 15 @ 9PM Pacific

    I will toss my hat into the ring! Pin# 101183 Mickey Mouse – Explores the Galaxy
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    Sold/Ended: ACME Limited Release Pins at close to cost for KSNUGGLES

    Where can I find the list/images of the pins?
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    Pin Pics Down Again?

    that was my question as well.
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    Pin Pics Down Again?

    I am sure they already know. Everyone on here seems to keep us all good and updated on when it goes down/comes back up
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    Pin Pics Down Again?

    It is down for me as well (5pm CMT) it has been going down fairly often- I wonder why.
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    Hey everyone!

    Welcome :)
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    Disney pin finds!

    I didn't realize it before, but that Goofy brooch has its original box. Ive never seen them with the box before.
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    Disney pin finds!

    I dont know anything about them, but that goofy brooch is cool.
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    Pin Pics down???

    I just got a 404 message 5pm CMT
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    Disney Hercules Plates- with original McDonalds display! Ends Feb 21 @ 8pm CMT

    That was a heated last few hours! I had no idea people would be that interested in these Hercules plates! Final winner is Pandamallory with: Pin of the Month: Charming Characters: Ariel Pin# 119521, Pin 92304 TDR Sleeping Beauty blue dress Aurora, DLR - Disneyland 60th Decades Collection...
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    Disney Hercules Plates- with original McDonalds display! Ends Feb 21 @ 8pm CMT

    I will look at everything when I get home. Tap talk isn't loading the text :-/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk