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DPF Charter Member
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    1. tinkerbellfan117
    2. Micaleigh
      Do you have any stitch invasion pins for sale?
    3. colorwindpainter
      Your inbox is full. But I sent your pin out today sorry for the late postage I spent the last week preparing for D23 for work. But the madness is over and you should receive your pins by Wednesday.
    4. disneygirl333
      Cleared my inbox! Sorry about that!
    5. talesoftobv
      Thank you soo much for the Belle and Beast pin, it had been one of my most wanted for 5 years. :)
    6. starry_solo
      I do work in the legal field. Have you tried getting a job as a paralegal first? To make sure you'll like it? There are a LOT of law school grads in CA and a lot don't have jobs right now b/c of the economy. :P
    7. Alexa
      U.S. Postal Service 9400109699938078230111; Enjoy! Please leave a reference when you receive! Thank you!
    8. Alexa
      Alright! Go ahead and send the $5 as a gift to, please and thank you.
      Reply with your full name and full mailing address. I'll have the pin out tomorrow!
    9. Alexa
      Hello, Mike! $5 flat for the Snow White Crest with tax and shipping. LMK if you want her!
    10. Brandy714
      Thanks Mike! :) It's been a LONG time coming!
    11. mojoscout
      Hey! yeah your right we have'nt talked in a long time :p i'm doing ok... trying 2 raise $$$$ for more pins... lol! Got my first zap from Brandy!! :) i'm going 2 the mermaid PODM relaese (of course!) how about you? how have you been? hows yours and your sisters collections? hope your doing ok :)
    12. movingthestars
      Mike I just saw your message... you made my day/week/LIFE!!! Seriously, there is no way you could have known but I was feeling really burnt out on trading and the forums this week, and between your message and another post that just went up, I feel tons better. CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation!!! Are you ready to go out into the "real world" now? I am ready to leave it and go back to grad school this fall haha. Thank you so so much for your kind words, again, and always having my back on stuff too. I am also happy to know that people like you post on here, and I hope I will see your avatar popping up here more now that school is done!!

    13. teddy_ruxpin
      Hi Mike,
      i'm okay thanks. i hope you're okay too.
      from Sabrina.:)
    14. Brandy714
      Hey Mike-

      Thanks for being such a great friend and cheerleader with my Beloved Tales quest! I'm down to 6, with another trade pending! :) Have a great week!

    15. teddy_ruxpin
      no sorry i didn't get a pm,i thought you weren't interested or that you were busy.thanks.
    16. natasja
      do you like the b&tb set
    17. caligirlUCR
      I actually traded the gondala pin away during one more disney day - sorry i havent had a chance to update traders since then . . .
    18. mojoscout
      oh that's to bad... was looking forward to that co op well i'll keep searching then!(thanks and sorry to bother you:))thanks bye!
    19. mojoscout
      the disney girls reveal conceal set.
    20. mojoscout
      found the entire set for sale on google(all 21 pins)maybe someone could organize a co op?
    21. mojoscout
      thanks for the link but can not afford that right now(just bought the designer ariel exited for it!)
    22. mojoscout
      thanl you will keep my eye out!(for your pins and mine)
    23. mojoscout
      these are limited? I did'nt know that.well I am off to check what those 10 traders want but I would perfer to just buy it.wish me luck!(just wondering what kinds of pins would people want for that pin?)thanks
    24. caligirlUCR
      Ohhhh LOVE your profile pic - i love sunsets at the beach!!! I saw you had left me a visitor message but that it had been deleted . . . sorry I missed it! :0)
    25. mojoscout
      thank you any help is appriciated and who knows i might have enough saved by then but I am hoping to go to a PTN and maybe find someone there who has it!(better find some rapunzel traders lol!)thank and still looking for your grails to!(have'nt seen them though :p)
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