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  • Ohhhh LOVE your profile pic - i love sunsets at the beach!!! I saw you had left me a visitor message but that it had been deleted . . . sorry I missed it! :0)
    thank you any help is appriciated and who knows i might have enough saved by then but I am hoping to go to a PTN and maybe find someone there who has it!(better find some rapunzel traders lol!)thank and still looking for your grails to!(have'nt seen them though :p)
    are you sure? ha ha! yeah but that storybook jumbo and the beast transformation like some of the hadest to find ever!do you think you could help me with this one:disney girls reveal conceal ser ariel only.? might need to sell house for pins lol jk
    serioulsy where are you finding all these pins from!? ha ha maybe you could help me get ariel art nouvea jumbo? ha ha but I thought it was like imposible to find that storybook jumbo and transformation pin! youe like a genie when it comes to pins lol!:lol:
    HI! remember me mojoscout I am looking for the following pin the ariel desighner pin and #36939(really want this one) on pipics and just wanted to say I got the little mermaid ariel's undersea adventure opening day pin it is gourgous! and #44702 I will keep my eyes out for pins on your list thanks bye
    Hi Mike, I received the pins today, but not allowed to open them and look as they are from my Santa Baby . LOL Feels heavy, can't wait to see them on the 25th . Left you feedback .
    Hey Mike! :) Thanks for the message. I'm doing pretty well- just got back from a weekend trip to Chicago. My friend & I saw Blue Man Group & Beauty and the Beast. Loved both shows! How was your Vegas trip?
    Hi Mike,

    Your inbox was full and I just wanted to say that I accept your offer. Please PM me once you see this message and I will give you further details of where to send money and your address etc. Thanks! [=
    Hi Mike- Your mail box is full. :( Thanks so much for thinking of me! I actually have 3 of the train set already and have 3 more on the way from Shane. I'd be interested in getting the other 3 I need from you if you'd be willing to split the set. If not, no problem, just let me know! :)
    Thanks again!
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