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  • Hi Heidi! I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to write you. I went out of town this weekend, and just got around to opening the box from you last night. Thank you so much for the trade! The pin set is beautiful - I can't wait to send it to my Secret Santa! I hope you got the pins I sent by now, as well. :) I'm leaving you feedback now... Please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you!!
    we are doing fine, just sent the other 14 PODM to get framed then we have to put in the lights,, so my Christmas, Birthday, anniversary is the framed set we are getting done. then when we get that back we have to go get the lights to put in the back, no the framer will not do it since they don't sell the lights. Am starting on the fair scrap book and doing craft shows only have one more craft show.

    give me a call some evening, my new cell is not working am waiting on a new phone,grrrrr!
    oh my gosh heidi isnt it this horrible on disney's part? People book vacations in advace. You are just one of many i have talked to that made plans for the 13th and now are screwd. I am already bought and booked for sept so we will meet! perhaps we can hang or do lunch at some point. keep in touch.
    oh good i like to be the happy mail! Yes my tickey is bought. step 2-decide if we are buying season passes. set3- book hotel. tomrrow in nj there is a PTN and a nice lady janice who kinda runs it is a travel agent and i heard she has some special rates for a few of the hotels, so i will talk to here tomorrow.
    Hey there! i have been doing a few PIF so just checking....was it you that sent me a lovely KODA in a frame pin for the game? There wasn't an ID attached and i didnt get your actual name, so im guessing! lol
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