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  • Thank you! I have had a wonderful day. I would love birthdays more if I didn't have to get a year older every time. :)
    Have a happy, happy birthday!!
    I just saw your message about my new avatar. I had just gotten the pin in the mail and as soon as I had it in my hand, I knew it was my new favorite pin. I love it! thanks for the comment. :p
    thank you so much for getting the walking dead comic book for my brother ,i really appreciate your kindness. would you like to trade any pins with me please then you could mail it with the pins but if i don't have anything you want then a member on here called chroll has got the smurfs and turtles comic books for me and she's sending them with the trade we're doing,she said you could send it to her if you didn't mind.thanks from Sabrina :).
    Hi there, thank you for such a lovely compliment! I am blushing. So, you were on a hiatus for a while?
    I signed up for a DPF acct back in 2011. I just REALLY began using this website in the last two months.
    I will say it has been very helpful, with getting me acquainted with the DSF releases, among other areas.
    Well, I wish you well in your return. Please stay in touch.
    Thank you for your comment on my 'Holy Grail' thread. It's a pleasure to meet another Mickey/Minnie character pin collector.

    I see you are a Charter Member. Thank you for being a part of the beginnings of this web site. I have found it to be extremely useful, and I have acquired some friendships, and have been able to be of support to some other P-T's.

    I look forward to chatting/corresponding with you in the coming future.
    Thank you very much. I appreciate the kind thoughts.
    I miss the boards but the gang of haters spread too much hate.
    I will trade with you anyday as you have always been a friend.
    If I have anything you need, just let me know.
    Thanks again for the B-day wish.

    Thanks Annette for the friend request! Things just got so busy and stressful, I hadn't been to Disney in 7 months and I definitely had no time for pin trading, but here I am again!
    Hi Annette: I was looking at the Alice POM (filmstrip) thread and saw your post. I'm also trying to find one E and two Ts to finish my name. The letters are kind of hard to find, so annoying (I'm usually at DLR once a week). HOWEVER, I *do* have an "N" and would be happy to send it to you. I'll look at your traders later. Send me your mailing info and I'll get it to you either Friday or Saturday, okay?

    Hi Annette!
    how are you? Hope all is well with the family!! was just thinking of you the other day when i was at Fenway . I was looking at the pins at the Souvenier store and noticed that they are still selling the Red Sox Mickey pin.!! But instead of selling it for $10 like they have been the last few yrs I noticed this yr its been dropped to $8. wondering if they finally listened! Last yr I complained in an email that I sent as part of Season ticket event i went to in October. I said that I was appaled at them selling a pin for $10 when I could be the exact same pin at WDW or DLR for $7-8. told them that it wasnt anything special to be sold for $10 and that it should be sold at close tot the price at the Disney Parks. Felt proud when I saw it reduced in price!!
    Any disney trips planned or back East?
    im planning to be in WDW for the 40th!!!
    Enjoy talk soon!
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