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  • Hey. your inbox is full. I didn't get your original PM about the pins I'm selling, can you send it to me again? Thank you!
    9400109699939068765125 is the DC number to your package of the pin I'm sending back to you! BTW, can you please leave reference for me for our first trade?
    hey there, you will note i sent a trade request today for my belle portrait,,,and well I CANT FIND HER, i must have traded her a while back and never updated the trade list---so so sorry. I would love to trade still for betsy ross, so perhaps if you peek at my traders you may see something else, if not my bad.=====dawny
    ok girl,,,i did the paypal shipping, first one was shaky--but you are right, this is great! thanks so much for my new favorite're like Oprah.
    Hi there i see i have two pins (pirates of carribbean) and you have two i would like 101 dalmatians and minnie mouse as betsy ross. do you wanna trade? You can look at my other traders and picka third pin if you dont think it is even, thats cool with me. Lets Trade! I leave for a week for WDW so try and let me know cause i bring all my traders.
    Hi! I just wanted to say it was very nice to have finally met you!!! Thank you for doing the wonderful trades and I hope your mom likes the pins as well!! I look forward to seeing you again sometime and hope to do some more future trades!! [=
    how was it in disneyland ?? :)
    if you need something from paris this month please send me a pm :D
    So happy you could make it Nikki & that you had fun :)
    James will be at the park today hunting for the Alice POMH pins too.
    If you see him, give him a good elbow lol.
    I'm not sure when I'll be in Hollywood, but when I can get there and take pictures I'd be happy to do that. What pins were you going to put on the picture, or what kind of composition do you want? (If you have anything in mind)

    Glad you received the zap! Have fun!
    So yesterday I received a padded envelope in the mail. I didn't order anything, I thought. Then ZAP!

    Thank you very much! I'm liking the Flounder pin. Interestingly, its my first Little Mermaid pin!

    - Alex

    Did you get my PM about Pin 74971: DLR - Promotion - Disney Pin Trading 10th Anniversary - Clarabelle Cow?
    Nikki, Please clear your inbox : )

    I was trying to send you a PM about the TRON Pin. Thanks.
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