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  • Hi!
    I have a question regarding the pin meet. IF my mom can't go can my boyfriend just take over under her name? Just wanted to make sure if that was okay or not.
    -Lili May
    Hi Tanya,

    Too bad you can't come but congratulations on the new job. Where at Disney will you be working? I used to work there.

    Hey Nancy,

    I unfortunately can not make the pin meet on Sunday the 16th. :( I just got a second job (for Disney!!) and have to work weekends. I hope everyone has a great time! Thank you for putting on such an awesome event, and I hope to make another one in the future.

    Hello! :) I just wanted to tell you if I havent already that I am going to try to go to your Pin Trading Meet! :)
    I am excited - I just talked to one of the nor-cal people and got tons of info/tips on how their events run and possibly more ideas for places to check out if this place doesn't work out. :0) Can't wait to meet u! I think this is going to be great!
    Hey there- I signed up after you in the PIF and tried to send you my info, but your box is full!
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