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  • Hi! I got your PM about the Mulan Father's Day pin but I cannot respond because your inbox is full. It is still available if you want it.
    I NEED YOUR ADDY To ship the pins to plz get back with me asap as the post office closes in one hour. and i only ship in Sats. Toy Story POMH x2

    thx jason
    ok go to my page(mojoscout) and go down to my groups and you will see all the groups I am in including the designer fan club it is a group for people who are searching for the designer collection or have the pins or the collection and it is just bassicly is a place for people who love the designer collection(you should join it's really fun! :D)
    Hi, your in box is full. Your pins shipped today! here is tracking info
    Tracking number 9101150134711006072951
    Label purchase date Nov 7, 2011 08:10:41 PST
    Thank you for the wonderful co-op participation :)
    Hope you have fun on this forum, and with your Designer Princesses pins- Snow, Aurora and Cindy.
    Feel free to message me anytime with questions or trade requests, and anything in between!
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