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  • Hi. Your inbox is full. Just sent the money for the Ariel/Eric portrait pin. Please let me know if you need my address again.
    Would you hold Ariel UK in boat and anchor pin. Please, may have to break into two payments. I wish you had Rangled Marquee. You are the Disney box was full.
    Just stoppin by to say hi! Hope you're having a most wonderful evening, Dear Prince! I will be visiting your castle at WDW in about a week! If you need anything from your far away realm, please let me know!
    Yo guns, its saggy tits.....i love you back. I want a ride in the new wheels! mark your calendar...dec 4-8th hot stuff
    hi honey! I got Ariel today and absolutely love her and the kind ZAP to boot! I love those couples pins. I also love faline who is barely in the movie and not alot of pins with her.
    Happy happy birthday to you!!! I hope your birthday is amazingly magical for such an outstanding person!!! :hug: I hope you get everything you want birthday boy!!! :D
    Hey there you would not by chance have anymore piece of Disney history-it's a small world pin around would you?
    Hi prince,
    why are you ignoring me,please clean you inbox out and plmk if you recieved my pymt ,I see you were online today at 6pm,Judy
    I am going you paypal you the $17 right now. I will also send over the anchor print picture to your email :) Thanks again!!

    Please can I buy the $14 Ariel Sea Horse pin? How much is postage to the UK?

    Can you pm me back as your inbox is full.

    Thank you,

    Sophia :)
    Not sure if you saw my post on your sales thread or got my PM...I'm hoping I was the first to try and claim the DSF - Little Mermaid Swirl pin with Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder. Please let me know...I've been trying for that one for the longest time, but if its gone already that's ok. Just please let me know either way as I'm holding the money aside just in case.
    Thanks again,
    That's so weird because I am YOUR biggest fan!

    We are royalty! Queen and Prince. I watched your video and LOOOOOVE it! #princeericfanclub #queenandtheprince
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