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  • Hi honey, I am really sorry about hearing on your ban because of me but I messaged your boyfriend today with some details. I have only been unbanned myself today :(
    I'm glad you're doing well! :)

    aww thank you! Elsa is stunning and I love photographing her! I love the new dolls too! Yes I am planning on pre-ordering them :) . They are so beautiful!
    I sent you a pm last night but I don't know if you got it? I'm having an awful time trying to get on DPF at the moment! We've just swapped Internet provider and its been horrific! Can you send me your PayPal info as I seem to be getting pms still! Sarah xxxx
    Hiya, aaah it was just a question about postage to the usa but I made a tread and its sorted. Also have you seen the new frozen stuff @ the disney store??? I'm in LOVE hehe. So excited for the movie
    I dont know if you want to trade any of these but if I can add something to at least trade trade for one let me know!
    Pin 97593: WDI - Pressed Pennies - Wreck-it Ralph - Felix
    Pin 97145: DSF - El Capitan 9 Pin Pixar Marquee Puzzle (Brave)
    Pin 75602: The Princess and the Frog - Magic is in the Air (ARTIST PROOF)
    (unless dis is really the AP one cause then i don't want it lol)
    Obviously I'm offering all the SR pins :3 And whatever else to make it even :3
    Ps..your inbox is full LOL
    Chalon!!!!! Just a little note to say Hi!!!! When are you coming to CA??? We need to set up a day to hang out. :)
    Chaaaaaaalon! It's your birthday. Congrats :) :) <3 you! you better come to CA soon so we can hang out !
    Hello Chalon,
    From my heart to yours, thank you very much, for the Happy Birthday wishes you left in my Visitor Messages.
    Your Member page is gorgeous! One can tell you've put a lot of thought and effort into making it so attractive!
    Have a wonderful day!!
    Hi Chalon,

    Thank you! That's so kind of you. I actually made a trade for it during the week and the next day it appeared on ebay lol!

    Sold for a bargain though, considering it is LE 100. Did you bid on Mardi Gras Jasmine? I did but didn't win it, someone beat me at the last second. Nevermind though :)

    i find that the Jasmine pins I want sell for loads and the ones I already have sell reasonably lol.

    Sophia :)
    LOL, omg, smashing Nigel Gifs on that thread! I love Nigel gifs, the Megara one kills me!
    Have you seen the Pocahontas one? Its horrible, lmao.
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