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  • I got the pins and they are incredible, thanks so very much for trading them!! i am leaving feedback and then puttin them in their perspective collections!! wonderful. have a super day.
    Hi, just stopping by to say thanks. My girlfriend and I met you and your husband at the park last Sunday. You actually had to run to change a diaper, but we made a trade with your husband in your absence. I just wanted to thank you guys because the pin we traded for is my girlfriends new favorite, she LOVES it.

    -Martin and Kellie
    Hey! I'm sorry I didn't let you know the pin was on her way! Totally busy getting my costume ready the last few days for mickeys halloween party tonight. When you clear your inbox ill message you my address. Thanks for telling me though. I'm so excited for my new pin. :)
    Alrighty! That's a good idea. Lol I tried sending you a message and my iPhone is freaking out. (You can guess what the message was about))
    Hi Psycho Pixie.
    Is it okay if I ask you a question?
    What happens if there's a tie between two bids on auction? Is it against the rules to claim both winners and send both the pin? This was my first auction and I don't really know how this goes when it happens. And since your the queen of auctions I thought I should ask you. (And yes your pin is the one that's making it so difficult for me to pick. Lol ) please let me know what happens? Because I've seen others claim two winners but I didn't know if that was against DPF rules.
    -Lili May
    awe crap...nevermind, it is her but slightly different. Man i am sorry. You are all excited i bet. uggg
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