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  • Hey girl! i hope your back is feeling better...dont sit still too much even if it is difficult, ya stiffin up even worse! Now i must tell you i am so touched and appreciative of your over-the-top zaps! Are you kidding me! I love them, you should see how good my mr. toad book looks now! it was fun and a pleasure to trade...lets try again down the road. I got granny the Mickeys circus Dumbo, which is so nice. I will set it aside until our next trade. xo
    Hello! :) I wasn't sure if you were still interested in our trade- I never got an address from you. If you were, feel free to drop me a pm but if not no worries. Hope you are having a great weekend! :)
    My <3 for your siggy is as much <3 I have for Journey! Which was a hauntingly beautiful game~!
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