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  • Thank You Scotty ! I'm not as bad as I've been made out to be . I just called off work as I've been up all night . I've always liked you and really had fun here, but when I get so stressed out that I'm sitting here shaking with the chills from stress, it's time . It really is time ! Your puppy is sweet ! LoVe the costume ! I'll try now what you suggested . Thanks Again !
    I tried PMing you , but your PM box is full .
    is there a way to unsubscribe ? I'm not being smart . I'm asking you a serious question . On our forum there is a way to unsubscribe . But I can't find a way here in settings or anywhere else . I sent a contact us with an explanation that I caused drama and trouble which was not my intention, whether yoy believe that or not . I come to you because you are a charter member and been here since the beginning , so if you know of a way I can do this on my own, can you kindly PM me back and let me know .
    I'm not out to oh feel bad for me, I'm very serious, I want to do this on my own if I can . If I can't, I'll wait for whatever a webmaster is that my guess is will do it for me . Please answer me !
    Did you just hit 50 today? Sometimes it takes a while to show up. Give it a little bit of time and if it doesn't pm the administrator as it might be a glitch.

    Best wishes in VM trading! :)
    Nice Puppy! Can't wait to see the new pic! (I call every dog a puppy btw, not meant to be rude!)
    Thanks! They're a Motley crew, aren't they? -lol

    It looks like you've got a cute little furball as well! Looks super soft and cuddly! :)
    hi scott, thank you, i got the amazing pin, thank you. :)
    hope to tarde with you soon again
    Hi! I hope the fantasia pin got to you ok. Let me know when it comes in. I'm looking forward to receiving that Jack Jumbo pin!

    - Alex
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