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  • Would you be interested in a trade?

    for [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
    Possibly... maybe? Please don't feel offended by my offer!
    I am interested in the Ariel and Eric home sweet home pin. Let me know if you want to trade. I tried PMing you but it is full.
    no problem!
    and thank you anyway I know that was a long shot but I was worth a try lol!
    ha ha I know it just feels weird being a newbie!I think I did type it worng here it is:81320. thanks so much and I will keep my eye out for your wants!:hsd:(ps:going to send allottalaughs pm right now)
    Hi I actually just started a thread about how I just got my designer ariel yesterday! and could you pm me of all you wants what you'd trade for that seasons pin?(i'm still kinda a newbie and i suck with abreviations so I don't know what htf means lol!)also do you have this pin for trade?81230 on a mad hunt for it! ha ha. thanks!
    Hi I was wondering for what on your want list would you want for pin#32363?it is one of my most wanted even if I don't hhave anything you want I will be on the look out for whatever it is thanks bye:hsd:(oh and you made me want to get the designer arie pin so bad it is on it's way to me right now i'm exited!)
    Hey Juan, Great to see you online . :sing: I'm coming down, I want my friends to know . :lol:
    Anyway, May 7th to 11th are the days i'm in the parks or around . tiggermickey , Donnam, swim2sea, creative, wdwjuan and I'm hoping you will join us too for some fun pin trading . I don't have much, maybe 10 - 12 good pins to bring along . Please come , I'd love to meet you . Hugs
    Oh and tiggermickey suggested we go to MK for a bit in the morning and seek out Scoop for a picture in front of the castle .
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