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  • We are still putting together our packages (sorry for the delay this move has been crazy) but we should have ours both out within a week <3 thanks Li <3
    oh man thats long gone....she got it already and PM'd me about it. i dodnt see that i was supposed to do that--but good idea.
    Hi Li! I was wondering if you happen to be by the sephora section of the expo tomorrow if you could please pick me up one of the starfish hair clips? If they are still giving them out?
    please let me know! Thank you! :)
    Will do. I can get on chat now for maybe 20 minutes or so if you can ^_^ If not, 12pm PST is 3pm EST so I think I could around then too :)
    That might be the case since I heard some people who got in with the D23 members did get sets (I'm not 100% sure) but they were very few. If Sorcerers and Exhibitors had their way, they'd take up all 100 easily o_O
    Oh ok lol My mistake xD It is "jeweled" so I'm not shocked. Angel just texted me that the sets are sold out for today. Took 35 minutes so not bad, but not great either. He just told me that he was in line since 10pm last night and didn't make it O____O Oh my gosh...this is going to be impossible.
    Your inbox is full: I wasn't able to mail my Christmas in July package today because of a graduation party and I won't be back in state until the 2nd of July. Is it alright if I mail it on the 3rd?
    How's the event going? I hope you and your sister are having a great time. I saw there was some issues yesterday with registration. I hope you guys didn't get stuck in all that. Do they have trading boards? Any fun stuff on there? Well enjoy. Your box is full
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