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    Duffy @ Disneyworld

    Ok I'll take a look thanks!
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    Duffy @ Disneyworld

    Awesome, thank you so much for your help this is really useful ❤️
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    Duffy @ Disneyworld

    Hi all, I was just wondering if Duffy merchandise (especially his outfits) are still available in the Disneyworld parks and if so where please? Going for the first time this week and really want to find some Duffy but I know his popularity has waned considerably! Thanks!
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    Star Tours / Disney characters as Star Wars

    Cool thanks everyone. Just one thing - are the star tours action figures still in circulation in the parks?
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    Star Tours / Disney characters as Star Wars

    Hi just wondering if anyone can help? I'm going to Disneyworld in August and was wondering if anyone knows whether Star Tours merchandise is available and where it could be found? Also, is there much stuff with the Disney characters as Star Wars characters? sorry if I've got the wrong thread...
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    2014 Designer Dolls - Fairytale Collection Part II

    Actually, we only got lithos last year. We've been promised all this time, we shall see!
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    Revised Animator's Dolls?

    These sell by the barrel-load at DLRP which is great to see :D
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    Frozen Disney Store Merchandise, What are you looking forward to? (Contains Spoilers)

    No I missed out:( Hoping they come back soon or appear in store, very sad :(
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    Disney Tsum Tsum

    Found these in dlrp, so chances of them appearing on the uk website are getting better. They are sooooo soft!
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    Enchanted 2 confirmed

    Any new excuses for more giselle merchandise is fine with me ;)
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    Disney Cruise: Your #1 Top Cruise Tip/Secret

    This sounds amazing! Hope you both have a lovely time and it would be great to hear your insights afterwards, i'd love to go on a Disney cruise!
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    Maleficent 2014 Merchandise

    Wonder what maleficent has strapped to her wrist in the last picture?
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    Disney Infinity - MARVEL coming

    Does anyone play Infinity online? I've never done it and wondered if it's any good? I think you can visit each others worlds.
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    Disney Infinity - MARVEL coming

    It does worry me a bit that the 'disney' side could easily be forgotten with marvel characters coming. Frozen MUST get a playset now, bet they are kicking themselves over Lone Ranger...