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  • So I just realized that the time here in the US is different from in the UK! Happy Birthday!!! I was thinking about you and hoping that you are having a wonderful day! Unfortunately, my package will not get to you in time... but I hope it gets there and puts a smile to your face. :D

    You are a wonderful friend, and you deserve all the best! Take care!!!
    hey hon! My pleasure :) Er, I replied to the last email I got from you, so you either didn't get mine, or I didn't get a new one? LoL not sure which!
    Hi Sabrina,

    I can't trade this week because I am short on finances for postage and things like that. It will probably have to be later next week or the week after. If this is not ok I can understand :)
    thank you so much for your kind thought but I just today got offered it by another member. It's very kind of you though! I know that Cocosianelle is still looking for Cinderella too, so if you want to zap someone else I'd definitely nominate her :).
    Thanks again x
    Thank-you! By the way, I will be messaging you soon! I received the package you sent me! :)Thank-you so much!!! :)
    Thank you for the lovely visitor message! I will respond properly in a PM later on after I've gotten home from running errands :)
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