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    Cruella Movie

    I haven't seen it yet,Sounds good.Been so long since i've been out to watch a movie,i miss it. I'm guessing there aren't any Dalmatians in it? Is it a 70's sound track?
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    Sold/Ended: Cancelled due to lack of interest

    Sorry, mistake.
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    What to do with my Aristocats Anniversary pins?

    Display them all together,they'd look fantastic.I'd love to see them.
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    Sold/Ended: Outlet pickups 5/28

    YAY,Thank you :). Not sure what's happened with the emails then sorry. Thanks for letting me know about that problem. Everything was fine until the end of December.. I never changed anything but i've just altered some settings in case anything accidentally changed so please try me again with...
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    For Sale: Memorial Day Weekend Sale! Pins from $5 to $850 :)

    I'd love best in show Rita but i don't have enough,could you go a little lower please?
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    Kittens! Kittens! Kittens! - krand1276's Foster Thread

    I've missed seeing your kittens. The new batch look really cute. I hope they settle in well.
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    The Little Mermaid's Samuel E. Wright dies: Voice of Sebastian who sang Disney favorite Under The Sea passes away at 74

    I didn't know he'd died. He will forever be known as Sebastian.Such sad news.
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    Pin Pics down

    It's logging me in as different members too, it's worrying. I'm hoping to get a reply back from pinpics.
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    Meet Sophie!

    Super cute and beautiful.
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    Sold/Ended: Outlet pickups 5/28

    First day back on forum although i can't post threads for quite some time. I just saw this,very kind of you to offer this thank you.Could i please get the rescuers down under anniversary pin for my collection please. Do they have the Chip and Dale rescue rangers magical comics pin or is that...
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    Completed Game: DPF 10th Anniversary Giveaway #17 - FINAL GIVEAWAY - Randomizer's Have Been Run!

    Thank you for running this great giveaway! Sad that this is the last one,I missed them all because i wasn't on here. I would like to nominate poohlady5 for being a fantastic friend and their amazing friendship! My favorite Disney character is a hard question to answer because i love so many and...
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    Sold/Ended: DSSH Daisy Duck Flower pin,LE 300 new on card! Ends October 17th

    Thank you for your bid but i stated that i don't want dated year pins on my list as i don't collect them ,Sorry. This auction has finished now.
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    Sold/Ended: Mickey,Donald,Pluto Toyland Christmas Jumbo pin,LE 500,New on card,Birthday Auction.

    Sorry about the mistake on my post yesterday,This ends tomorrow,Thanks.
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    Sold/Ended: DSSH Daisy Duck Flower pin,LE 300 new on card! Ends October 17th

    I made a mistake yesterday ,This actually ends tomorrow