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  • I had so much fun meeting you and your family yesterday! So glad I made the drive up to Hollywood!
    Psst, your inbox is full. But don't worry about payment now. let me see what I can find and then I'll let you know the cost later. I still have to factor in my AP discount!
    Hi Thel....wooo hooo i got the pins and am so happy, thanks for helping me out and more than that thanks for the awesome ZAP. Now when i say awesome i mean that...i have had this pin on my wants for a few years and never ever even saw him or had a possible trade for him....irronically Roqorfort the other mouse in this set from aristocats i just traded for a day ago..weird right? i am leaving a ref and will show off my goodies today.
    Hi Thel,

    So happy you got them and you like the zaps! :D
    Thanks again for the great auction trade, your an amazing wonderful person to trade with ;)

    Your pinpal,
    Hey! Please let me know if you still have Cheshire stitch for trade please? Thank you so much.
    Your inbox is full! I wanted to send you a PM about the trade for the Dumbo PTD. I really like all 3 Dumbo pins. I would like to trade for your 2 Dumbo PTD, Dumbo Car wash and 57th anniversary. I can trade all 4 of DLP Tangled pins (They come with the card). Anything else you like from my list so we can even out the trade? :) Thanks!
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