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  • $77. If it won't accept US billing just enter his details again but with your name instead of his. Paying through paypal is easier.
    My friend purchased her through the UK website and I reimbursed her the price USD plus the shippin . Why do you ask ?
    You can either ask the person who is receiving it to pay for it for you, or you can pay for it through paypal, putting your address as the billing address and theirs for the delivery. It cost me £54 to send two dolls to the US, so expect to pay around £40 or more for one to be shipped to you. Hope that helps.
    Hi there sweetie,
    Hope you can get your Snowy------and NOT on evil bay---what ridiculous prices!!!!!
    Hi. Thank you. I'm still trying to figure this out. Lol the designer dolls talk is what brought me here.
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