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  • hippo birdie two ewes
    hippo birdie two ewes

    hippo birdie two ewes

    hippo birdie two ewes

    hippo birdie two ewes

    all the party animals want to be with you on your special day,
    Thank you so much for helping me out! hey getin touch and let me know what you ended up doing for sept?
    Tori, hope you're doing okay. <3 Miss you lots. Let me know if you're interested in trading at all. We seem to have a few matches.
    Hi Tori! i received the awesome pins today and i cant wait to add them to my collection! I hope to see you soon. I am leaving feedback. finally done cleaning that kids room....hope you slowed down a bit. xo
    Your total for the pin with tax and shipping is $5 flat. If you want more pins, then let me know so I can add them.
    your box is full... :)
    I think mine are considered "higher value" singly than what you have as trades that match. But I hope we can work out a trade...

    I have available from your wants:
    87825 stitch bellhop CME
    89779 TLM train chaser

    you have from my wants(in order of what I like best):
    89269 jerry liegh 2012 princesses
    16976 HoND topsy turvy
    47464 target thumper
    72833 tiana

    wanna trade?
    HI, did you get my trade offer, just wondering, have problems with full boxes sometimes...have a happy
    sounds good, well i will be at the pin event on may 20 as well so i am sure i will see u then, happy trading and see u very soon. :)

    i am going to take all my belles, even some from my collection because i know u love her. have a nice day.
    hey there, i am going to disney and i will be at epcot probably saturday, thanks for thinking of me, i still have some of the nice belles and i am keeping hidden in the back of my pin bag for you so when i see you(which really is unexpectedly, i see u when i think i won't but when i think i will i don't, so i guess i have to always think i won't, lol) i can trade u something that u want. hope u and your family are doing great. :)
    see u soon. :)
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