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  • Hi! I'm so sorry I havent been on in a while! Yes I can definitely do that :) I think at this point I can still do them and ship them to you priority if you're in the US? :) You can email me here: Would somewhere around $35 each pair work?
    hey ventchick!

    hope you're doing okay! your inbox is full so here's what i was going to write to you regarding PODMs :)

    the finding nemo is still for sale, yes! :)

    here's a screenshot of pretty much the exact scene as i unfortunately can't take a good enough pic of the frame LOL

    I can do this one for £30 shipped, its in my sale thread listed at £28 and you get a discount on postage :) I don't really have any more for sale, I have an extra Mulan I'd be willing to give up but I'd rather not LOL- it's a frame of Shang yelling at Mulan as Ping- I could do this for £40 as I don't really want to see it go- let me know! :)
    Thank you for your interest in my Edna pin.
    I have made a trade for this pin.
    I hope we can make a trade some other time together.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    I wanted to look at your trades for the Edna Pin but i didnt find your ID on Pin Pics. Is it Ventchick?
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