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  • I love your avatar and profile pic! I usually go by Foxxy (or variations) on other usernames but didn't use it for DPF haha
    Happy Valentine's Day, Vixy!

    Hi Vixy! :)

    Your pm box is full but I just wanted to thank you so much for the quick payment and let you know your new pins will be on their way to you on Monday ~ Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :hsd:
    Hey Vixy, I have the KOH Hidden Mickey pin you were looking for.
    LMK if you would like to set up a trade. Thanks!
    Hi vixy....i was away and off the grid for the week. I got the pins and love them, you were a pleasure to trade with. Now i must say the real touch was the awesome cards. The cindy card will go in her album/book and it is so cool, i like the modern look and i was GOING TO pass along ursula but i love it and will put that in the little mermaid book, yes i have a bood for almost every movie....sigh leaving a ref and thaks again
    Hi Vixy! :)

    Just checking up on that Cindy pin I sent a couple weeks ago- did it reach you okay? :) Please let me know! ^_^

    -PrincessxJasmine89 :) x
    Your inbox is full so I'll reply here.
    I recently bought one of the Cinderella sets for a trade and they cost £50 each; so I wasn't planning on buying another one. ^_^; Also I have the Ezra pin already on its way to me.

    Thanks for the offer though. :) Dunno if you're interested in any other trades?
    Hi Vixy! ^_^

    Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU, your pins arrived today and I love them both! :) The notecards you sent along were a nice surprise too, they'll go wonderfully with all the other Cinderella stuff I have been buying lately LOL... thanks for being such a great DPF member, and please let me know when your Cinderella pin arrives! ^_^ :)

    -PrincessxJasmine89 :) x
    Your inbox is full hon :) the pin is 11.95 plus 8.75% tax(i think? some places in la the tax is like 10.25%). any extra is totally up to you but not mandatory :)
    Oh! That's my fiance's e-mail address. We use his email address because he has his own paypal account which is what I've been using.
    My actual e-mail address is :) So re-send it there.
    Hi! i got my wonderful PIF! Thanks for taking the time to look what i was missing. Tiana looks great on my Princess and Frog page. I really appreciate the lovely postcards. I use albums to hold my collections and i am putting the awesome postcards on the dividing pages--just perfect. Leaving feedback
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