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  • Yeah <_< Even if it's under $500 I won't bid on it. I mean, I think the auction is actually for the pin, but I won't be going anywhere near it. The most I'll do is watch it end, but I'd rather not gamble with my money if something about that is off, especially with THAT much money O___O
    I've been watching it for a few days and I and many people I've talked to believe the pin is inflated. For 1, it could be shilled, there are a few bidders who have no bidding activity except on that pin, low feedback, and bidding patterns of a shill bidder (where they bid every few hours to always stay on top and force other's to outbid them). On top of that, remember, this is the first time the pin came onto eBay in a long time, so the 2-3 people out there who have $1000 to burn are going to give it their all. If another 1 of these popped on eBay right after, I guarantee you the price would be significantly lower, everyone is just bidding on this one though since they have no idea when the next one will come up.

    I have talked to a lot of people and the general price for the pin should be around $400-500, which I expected and is fine, but this one will go much higher.
    :lol: Wait, which one? Was it the 4 figure one (I've never spent 4 figures on a pin) or the few hundreds...if it's the latter, yes...I spent that much on 1 pin...I give in :(
    I got really lucky and found someone how was selling of 3 of the pins I needed. One of them happened to be Ariel. I thought I would be looking for Ariel forever. I'm really grateful I found her.
    lol thank you but i have the frozen booster set (and trading 2 of them).
    I don't know how those "collection" "trades" and "Wants" got on my profile. They just appeared one day.
    And now I cant get them off or change them. I do really like the Ariel Jeweled Crest if you still have it for trade.

    Thanks! I don't get to get online too often :( Mainly when we're at friends' houses, but it's all good.
    Yeah, I will update it for you when I get the time.
    Please PM me with a list of the pins that you want to replace,
    and the new pins you would like to add
    DO IT. DO IT NOW!!!! :poke: :rofl:

    I watch it all the time :D I have a digital copy of it. so its on my ipad, phone, and ipod. :D :rock:

    I still need to pre-order the dvd/blu ray though. :D
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