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  1. upanddugfan1

    **Emergency Sale Rapunzel Designer Pin**

    Looking to sell my Rapunzel Designer pin ASAP. My alternator for my car failed and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Thanks for looking. Shipping is included in the price and will go out in a flat rate box for added safety along with signature confirmation. Payment can be made via...
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    Final Day of Sale Designer Rapunzel, Pooh Aviator Pin and Much More

    This is the last day for the pin sale. Domestic shipping is going to be $2.75 for the 1st pin and 0.50 cents thereafter for any additional pins. International shipping rates will be determined on a case by case basis depending on country. Payment method is going to be through Paypal only and...
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    Pin Sale

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    Sales moved..Closed
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    Selling for a Good Cause Pin Sale Tangled Wall E UP and more...

    Hi there as many of you might now I have been selling my own pins in order to raise money for my Yellow Labrador operation. I have almost reached my goal, and hopefully if all goes right he should be having his TPO operation this month!!! With that being said I will continue my sale with the...
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    Help finding a few grails!!! Tangled and Dug!!

    Looking for the following pins, let me know if we can work something out :wiggle:
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  8. upanddugfan1

    Mystery doombuggy for sale!!! And other great pins!

    Selling most of my traders, a lot of them I am selling at the cost that I purchased them for. All the pictures are linked to pinpics and so you are able to click on them to see the pin stats! Refer to post #2 for more great pins! Shipping will be $2.50 for the first pin and $0.50 for each pin...
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    Acquired the amazing R/C set !

    Truly a wonderful set. They look even better in person.
  10. upanddugfan1

    Pin 70345: DSF - El Capitan Marquee - Disney Pixar's Up

    Someone posted another Up Marquee for sale on the Bay, this time with the Buy it Now option or best offer. Again going for a hefty amount. More Pins from a DPF Friend: <$11, <$17,<$10, <$10, <$25, <$20, <$13, <$10, <$20, <$15, <$25, <$25, <$12, <$15, <$46, <$15, <$15, <$20, <$20...
  11. upanddugfan1

    Selling DLR - Sci-Fi Academy - Cadet Trading Bag

    Decided to sell this pin trading bag at cost basically because I do not need it. The pin bag is in brand new condition and still has its original tags. The bag itself is limited to 300. I am asking $55 dollars which includes the taxes I paid for the bag as well as my expected shipping cost. It...
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    Got my top grail!!

    This is my top grail and I am so happy I am able to own one.
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    Got my first grail!!

    Here it is. I didn't think I would get this but it happened this last Sunday. Happy dance time :drool:
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    Testing signature
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    About time that upanddugfan1 introduces himself to this wonderful community :)

    Hi everybody, My name is Jaime I live here in CA and visit DLR frequently. I am fairly new to Disney Pin trading/collecting, I started last July and have been hooked since then. As you may have noticed from my user name i enjoy to collect Pixar's "UP" pins as it is my favorite pixar movie...