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    Oogie Boogie Bash 2022 PURCHASE TICKETS Save the date! Starting June 28 (no earlier than 9:00 AM, Pacific Time), Magic Key holders get preferred access to a select amount of pre-sale tickets ahead of the...
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    2022 Pin Celebration – One Family (8/12 & 8/13)

    2022 Pin Celebration – One Family Celebrating the magical, incredible, timeless, and inclusive bonds that make a family. Inspired by the love Walt Disney had for his daughters, and his dream of building a place where parents and children could have fun together, join us at The Most Magical...
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    D23 Expo 2022

    Who is attending?
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    2022 Limited Edition Dolls

    Here we go again! 2021 Limited Edition Dolls Mulan Limited Edition Doll Available 1/4 at 7AM PT Learn More
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    2022 Pin Discussion

    Ready for another amazing year! Happy Collecting to Everyone!! Previews (Not all series posted below) 2022 Disney Pin Previews from Heroes Vs...
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    Thank you to everyone!

    It has been quite the exciting ride on DPF. The forum has provided an avenue to connect with collectors from all over the world. We can share our triumphs, seek comfort in our setbacks, find support when we have suffered a personal loss, or just enjoy the thrill/challenge/stress that is pin...
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    2021 Disney Heroes vs. Villains An Epic Showdown

    2021 Disney Heroes vs. Villains An Epic Showdown Attention pin traders: an epic showdown is about to begin! Where do your loyalties lie—are they good or are they evil? Professor H.V. Yensid has been researching the historical battle of good versus evil… what makes a hero or a villain, why people...
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    eBay Coupon Code: $5 off a $15+ purchase (using AMEX)

    Save on the things you love with American Express Use code AMEX2021 at checkout to get $5 off a $15+ purchase. Shop now ➔ Offer ends 8/3, 11:59pm PT. Terms apply*. Who’s eligible for the Coupon? Only invited, registered eBay users who see the Coupon in My eBay Messages are eligible. Sorry, no...
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    Happy Father’s Day!

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    Disney Treasures from the Vault
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    Everything Trailers

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    Disney Collectible Keys

    Earth Day - Collectible Key Available 4/19 Available on ShopDisneyUK (Available 4/19) *No information for the US*
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    2021 Limited Edition Dolls

    Currently Rumored Dolls 17” Dolls Live Action Cruella Belle (Library Dress) Alice (Animated) Esmeralda (Hunchback) Hocus Pocus?
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    #12 - Stitch Crashes Disney (Mulan) Collection Series Beauty and the Beast Lady and the Tramp The Lion King Stitch Crashes The Little Mermaid Stitch Crashes Pinocchio Stitch Crashes Aladdin Stitch Crashes Sleeping Beauty Stitch Crashes Snow White and the...
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    #10 - Disney Castle Collection (Belle) Coming Soon Jasmine Ariel Merida Belle
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    DSSH Surprise Releases

    Fresh start. Let’s go! GroupMe for DSSH surprise releases: GroupMe Please remember no other chatter is allowed there! Disney Studio Store Hollywood (Facebook page) Disney Studio Store Hollywood (Instagram page)...
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    2021 Merchandise Discussion

    Time to start fresh!
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    2021 Pin Discussion

    Time to start fresh!
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    Black Widow - Final Trailer Added