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  1. Booger1964

    For Sale: Selling Some of My Duplicate Traders

    Hello All! I am selling a few traders of which I have duplicates. Shipping in the U.S. is $4.00. Please let me know if you're interested or would like any close up pictures and thank you for looking!
  2. Booger1964

    Trading: Newest Mystery Key Series (Large Pins)

    Hello All! I just received my boxes of the newest mystery series pins and received several of the Donald and a couple of the Goofy. If anybody is interested in trading, I am missing Mickey and Daisy. These are much larger than the previous series. Please let me know. Thanks for looking!
  3. Booger1964

    Zapped! Stratasfan is SO sweet!

    I just made a trade with Elizabeth (Stratasfan) for a couple of really nice mystery hot cocoa pins and she included some candy and really cute stickers. Thanks so much Elizabeth! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!
  4. Booger1964

    Trading: Disney Mystery Key Pins

    Hello All! I am hoping to trade key pins for key pins. From series 1: Have Minnie Seeking Star Wars From series 2: Have Star Wars Seeking Mickey and Minnie Please let me know if you're interested in trading and feel free to post whatever you have and are seeking.
  5. Booger1964

    DPF 10th Anniversary - Bonus Giveaway #3 - WINNERS POSTED ON #4

    Time for another BONUS giveaway to say Happy 10th anniversary DPF! The Rules to enter are simple: 1. Must be a member of the DPF; and 2. Must be willing to send me your address so I may ship a prize to you. How to enter: Tell us what got you started with Disney pin collecting. I started in...
  6. Booger1964

    Zapped! A Storybook Zap from Firechief18

    I met firechief18 at the Cherry Hill, NJ meet. In the process of trading, I asked him for one of his pins (which I didn't get at the time:), but then he zapped it to me after the meet. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!
  7. Booger1964

    Zapped! Great DLP Zap from Tonkatoy!

    I made a trade with Tonkatoy for the castle pin and along with the trade came a great zap! Thanks so much Nina! I love it!
  8. Booger1964

    Zapped! Wonderful Creation from AlaskanMalamute

    I was fortunate enough to be a winner in AlaskanMalamute's free game and not only did he send me a wonderful pin board, but he also included a cute little purse and stickers. Thanks so much! They are all so appreciated! Now I have to figure out which pins to put on it to do it justice:)
  9. Booger1964

    Zapped! Snoffsan pin and choklad zap:)

    I just made a very nice multi-trade with Snoffsan and along with the trade, she sent this lovely old pin and some KEX choklad bars from Swedin. Thanks so much Elin! P.S. The choklad is already gone:)
  10. Booger1964

    Zapped! Overdue thank you for some great wood work:)

    I won Chubs191 (Sara's) pin auction a while back and along with my "winnings", she sent me this lovely Jessie. Thanks so much Sara and sorry for the delay. I always have issues uploading photos, but I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!
  11. Booger1964

    Zapped! Semper, I mean Super Absurda zap!

    I participated in Spr175psu's Mr. Toad "auction". Although I wasn't the first place winner, I sure made out well in the prize zap category. Just look at what she sent me! Thanks so much Shaya! Your generosity leaves me in awe! P.S. My daughter has already claimed the Figment and Tinker...
  12. Booger1964

    Sold/Ended: Coco Mystery Pin Set

    I have an extra full set of Coco mystery pins that I'm selling for $150 if anybody is interested. Please let me know.
  13. Booger1964

    Zapped! Happiest Celebration on Earth

    I just made a three way trade with Tessa and Tiffany and along with my traded pins came a happiest pin zap! Thanks so much Tessa @timeerkat ! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!
  14. Booger1964

    Sold/Ended: ISO Toy Story Land Jessie Pins

    Hello my fellow pin collectors/traders. I am looking to trade for the new Toy Story Land Jessie pins that were recently released. They are: and Please let me know if you have them for trade (and if I have any matches for you). My pinpics ID is booger1964. I look forward to hearing from you!
  15. Booger1964

    Zapped! Goofy in Madison strikes again!

    I ordered some more pins from Debbie (GoofyinMadison) and along with my order, she sent me this pin with a note attached saying "Surprise!". Thanks so much for your generosity Debbie!
  16. Booger1964

    Zapped! Creative Chubs191 is at it Again!

    I won one of Sarah's auctions and when I got my lovely new hat (that matches my LIAA pin:), it came with this cute woodcraft of my icon with my name on it. Thanks so much for directing your creative thoughtfulness my way Sarah!
  17. Booger1964

    Trade Til You Fade April 20th to April 22nd

    Hello Everybody. Just wanted to let you all know that there will be a weekend pin trading meet April 20th through the 22nd for anybody who can make it. It is being sponsored by the Central New Jersey Disney Pin Trader group and will be held at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Somerset, New Jersey...
  18. Booger1964

    Zapped! gbdb4ever Strikes Again!

    That generous Debby has been at it again. She zapped me with this lovely pin for which I've been searching: Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity Debby! I really appreciate it!
  19. Booger1964

    Paris pin trading event on 10/28/17. Update:)

    Update per meet sponsor: "Good news! It is now FREE to come to my event on 28 October at the Kyriad. The only cost is for a person who wants a table and we have only 4 of those available." Disney Pin Trading Worldwide and Ridge Travel will once again be holding a pin trading event at the...
  20. Booger1964

    Zapped! Goofy in Madison has been busy:)

    I purchased a few pins from Debbie (Goofy in Madison) and they arrived with this extra little beauty... Thanks so much Debbie! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!