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  1. SwindonTinkerbell

    who's missed me

    hey so sorry i have not been around alot recently as this summer I gave birth to a stunning healthy baby boy so all my time has been distracted around him and im back hows things been going alot has changed since i was last here
  2. SwindonTinkerbell

    What do you think

    Well it's that time for me to do a new board and well I decided to go for the rose from beauty and the beast I spray painted the base and painted the rose it's not quite finished will be outlining in pen but I do think I need to go over the stem again but please tell me what do you think Sent...
  3. SwindonTinkerbell

    Auctioning St Patrick's Day Jessica Rabbit

    Hey guys never done an auction before and with my trip to WDW 2 months ago I bought a limited edition st patrick's day 2015 Jessica Rabbit pin and would like to see if I have any interests in her Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. SwindonTinkerbell

    My WDW holiday blog 13-25 March 2015

    Hey I saw a thread very similar to this so I thought I would do the same and to start it off is were my trip begins at the airport sat at LGW or Gatwick airport in the departure lounge waiting til 10:40 just to see what gate we will be boarding on I'm a little nervous about this flight it's my...
  5. SwindonTinkerbell

    Is this true

    Hey guys I've just been looking at videos on YouTube for character dining and weve only got one booked and that's for akershus in epcot really excited about this dining and was wondering on one of the videos it says before we are seated we get a picture took with a princess but what they said on...
  6. SwindonTinkerbell

    Walt Disney World: first trip this week any reccomendations and advice

    Hey guys the time has finally arrived this Friday I will be jetting off to Walt Disney World for my first ever visit and im getting really excited is there any advice or and reccomendations you can give to a WDW newbie all my fp+ have been booked aswell as adr and got my memory maker activated...
  7. SwindonTinkerbell

    Memory Maker advice

    Hey guys the time is almost here in 16 days I will be going to WDW YAY super excited and ive pre purchased my memory maker and it has arrived today wow that was fast as only pre purchased it late last week but what I need help or advice with is it's arrived yay and it's already recognised on MDE...
  8. SwindonTinkerbell

    My Disney Experience

    Hey guys Is anyone having problems with my disney experience? As im trying to make a reservation for be our guest and its saying theres an error booking the reservation i should try again or call but the number showing seems american number but i live in the UK and im desperate for this...
  9. SwindonTinkerbell

    I can't find this code

    Hey guys ive got this amazing chip & dale pin but I cannot find the code for it on pinpics at all can anyone help me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. SwindonTinkerbell

    What do you do for a living

    hey guys ive started this thread so we could all try to get to know one another a little bit better i got this idea from my boyfriend who posted it on his car forums and i thought i like the idea and it could get us all to know more about eachother and get an interest in what we all do so i...
  11. SwindonTinkerbell

    When is the best time to go

    Hey guys i have just been surprised with being told we are officially saving up to go to WDW and i am so made up but when is it the best time to go cause dont really want to go in hurricane season but are going hopefully some time next year
  12. SwindonTinkerbell

    If I did

    hey guys quite a few people have said about trading the error Rapunzel pin that has arrived in the mail today and im debating wether or not to trade it but IF and its a big IF i did what would you offer for the trade as its Rapunzel and its rare
  13. SwindonTinkerbell

    Is this right for this pin ?

    Hey everyone ive just had this pin come in the post and i thought it was more purple than it is but its pink is this right for this pin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. SwindonTinkerbell

    Other Disney Collectable Display

    Hey everyone along with the pins im collecting a few disney collectables and ive only just got a display cabinet to display them all in and wondering how do you display yours if you do have collectables and what do you think of mine as looking at putting some LEDs in it too Sent from my...
  15. SwindonTinkerbell

    how is everyone

    hey there i know ive not been on the forum quite a bit recently but been having some very bad times and just at the moment im still feeling quite down and a little depressed so i thought come and speak to all my pin friends see how they all are just nice to have a general chat so how are you all...
  16. SwindonTinkerbell

    All my pins

    Hey just thought id post a picture on how my boards are up and my pin display its not as nice as alot of all of yours as got limited space but hope you like Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. SwindonTinkerbell

    Zapped by Rasputin Knows Best (i think)

    hey everyone ever so sorry that i have not been active in a while been quite down lately and i do appologize that this thread has been started late but i would like to announce i have been zapped a beautiful rapunzel soda fountain pin picture will be posted shortly and all i can say is that you...
  18. SwindonTinkerbell

    DSUK Peter Pan Release

    Hey guys whos going for the crocodile from peter pan today as im going to attempt to get it but not sure how popular it will be Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. SwindonTinkerbell

    New Pin Board

    Hey guys with my target of 100 in 1 year is close in sight and with my 1st pin board filling up pretty fast i decided to make a new board please tell me what you think of it as been planning this 2nd board since the 1st was half full Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. SwindonTinkerbell

    100 in 1st year

    Hey guys ive set myself a challenge to collect my first 100 pins in my 1st year of trading at the moment i have got 81 so ive got to get 19 more by beggining of april do you think i can do it and have you done anything similar like this Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk